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Rice Creek Watershed District

The Rice Creek Watershed District has a long history of partnering with the BEAA, including two alum treatments; annual surveys and chemical treatment of curlyleaf pond weed; and individual landowner grants for shoreline preservation and rain gardens.

Description The Rice Creek Watershed District (RCWD) is approximately 186 sq. mi. of land in Anoka, Hennepin, Ramsey, and Washington counties. The District was established with the purpose of conserving and restoring water resources for the beneficial use of current and future generations. The District’s boundaries include all or portions of 28 cities and townships. The RCWD is a special-purpose unit of government that was established by the Minnesota Board of Water and Soil Resources on January 18, 1972, upon petition by citizens, county boards, and cities. The RCWD’s mission is to manage, protect, and improve the water resources of the District through flood control, water quality projects, and programs.

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Bald Eagle Women’s Club

Come for the treats, stay for the program and conversation! Over 100 years ago a group of women who lived around Bald Eagle Lake formed the "Best Ever Birthday Club" for the purpose of "social and civic betterment." In 1925 it became the Bald Eagle Women’s Club.

Along with the tasty and fun socializing activity, most meetings include a program such as the White Bear Lake Area Historical Society, Lake Country Bookstore owners, a yoga instructor, Tamarack Nature Center, a tour of the Hanifl Center, Holiday luncheons, to name a few!  Meetings are once a month from September through May. To learn more, contact Jody McCormick ~ 651-238-7157, or Polly Dedrick ~ 651-303-1890.


Bald Eagle Guild of Children’s Hospital Association

The Bald Eagle Guild of Children’s Hospital Association (BECHA) is one of the oldest of 12 CHA ‘guilds’ in the Twin Cities area, beginning in 1965. We host several social/dinner events each year for our members and guests, raising funds to support Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota.

Contact Evelyn Duvall, 651-303-0775 or for more information.

Find us on Facebook at: Bald Eagle Guild of Children’s Hospital Association

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Bald Eagle Water Club

The Bald Eagle Water Club was originally founded by a group of lake residents in 1953 to encourage all forms of water recreation with a firm policy of safety and fairness to all. The sport of water skiing was becoming extremely popular at the time and they undertook a program of educating boat drivers and skiers on safe and courteous operation. In 1956 one of the members became Minnesota’s first deputized lake patrol members and subsequently helped start the Ramsey County Sheriff’s Water Patrol.

Club members put on their first show in 1954 as well as building a water ski jump and installing a slalom course off the west shore of the lake. Sponsoring  and competing in tournaments began in those early years at Bald Eagle Lake and later at Lake of the Isles in Minneapolis, with the annual Aquatennial Water Ski Tournament, which became of the largest in the Midwest. In 1960 and 1965 they co-sponsored the US National Water Ski Tournament on Lake of the Isles and it was broadcast by ABC’s Wide World of Sports.

The club continued skiing and practicing on the lake until the late 1960’s at which time most members were not lake residents and so moved their practices, shows, and some tournaments to Island Lake in Shoreview. They also staged weekend shows throughout Minnesota and Canada.  in the 1990’s, the club split with some members,  forming the Bald Eagle Water Ski Shows in Centerville while some others began the Ski Otters on Goose Lake in White Bear. 

Today the Bald Eagle Water Club continues on Bald Eagle Lake with a group of about twenty lake residents who pay for and maintain the slalom course, still on the west side of the lake. They are affiliated with USA Water Ski and Wake Sports, the NGB, and carry insurance through them. Most members use the slalom course for fun, exercise, skill building, and camaraderie, while a few compete in local, national, and world competitions. No formal meetings are scheduled but occasional get togethers occur. Dues are $40 per season. Contact person is Paul Chapin, 651-503-5830,