WE COULD USE YOUR HELP!!
                               Greetings to all of our BEAA members!

The BEAA board continues to work for the benefit of Bald Eagle Lake Homeowners.  As board members come and go, we often find we need to fill in some gaps in our expertise pool to best manage BEAA.  We are seeking some more experience and talent in specific areas to help us succeed.  We are always looking for interested volunteers to help us out by being on various committees for our different events and/or by supporting BEAA by working on a specific project of interest.

 We’re asking that if you have interest in sharing your skills and talents to support BEAA, please contact us through beaagroup@gmail.com so we can move ahead TOGETHER to keep Bald Eagle Lake great! 

 Some areas in which we could use help include the following:

  • Maintaining the BEAA website using the ‘Shopify” platform.
  • Someone interested in becoming an Aquatic Invasive Species trained “expert” by attending webinars, seminars, etc., sponsored by various organizations.
  • RCWD is looking for a Ramsey County resident to join their Citizens Advisory Council. More information is available at https://www.ricecreek.org/cac. This group provides input regarding water quality projects and improvements within the watershed district.
  • Volunteers to help expand our membership through membership drives, awareness campaigns, annual dinner invitations, updating our “Welcome Packet” materials, etc.
  • A connection with a printing company to help with signage for our events and printing and mailing of our dues, dinner and other communications.
  • Boat launch inspections
  • Marketing/graphics experience for our website, annual meeting displays, key communications.
  • Volunteers to help coordinate our online gear store sales events.
  • Hanging a zebra mussel detector from your dock, regularly inspecting and report monthly.
  • Volunteer with PCA to monitor lake clarity with a Sechi disk
  • If you’re an attorney, we could use some “pro bono” help with small changes in by-laws or related amendments and documents.
  • Coordinate members to “Adopt a Drain” , choosing to clear a stormwater drain near them. See https://mn.adopt-a-drain.org/. Volunteers choose which drain(s) they want to adopt and are asked to spend 15 minutes twice/month to clear them.
  • Committee members for the following planned/possible events:
    • Annual Dinner
    • Annual Meeting
    • Music on the Lake
    • Lake Clean Up
    • Possible Spring community event
    • Possible winter/lake ice rink or plowed path on the lake for skaters, walkers, skiing.
    • Information Booth at Township Days


We know our lake neighborhood is full of great resources, talents, innovative ideas and team spirit!

Please share your time and skills with our community to make and keep Bald Eagle Lake great!!

We all look forward to meeting you and working together! 

 Contact us at  beaagroup@gmail.com today!