Treatment of Eurasian Milfoil scheduled for 7/2/18

Steve McComas, of Blue Water Science, conducted a survey on Bald Eagle Lake to determine the highest density of Eurasian Milfoil growth that will hit or has already hit the surface. The DNR ultimately controls the number of acres that can be treated.  Based on these guidelines, Lake Restoration will be treating 45 acres of Eurasian Milfoil early next week.  The treatment will have no fishing or swimming restrictions.


Eurasian Milfoil is a non-native, invasive species.  Bald Eagle Area Association pays for this weed treatment to help keep Bald Eagle navigable for all water enthusiasts.  Your dues are needed to help support these endeavors.  Thanks to all who have sent in their 2018 dues, which were requested to be received by 7/1/18.  We look forward to receiving your $150 payment if you haven’t already sent it in. Payment can be mailed back in the envelope included with the invoice, or you can easily pay online here. Thank you for your support to help keep Bald Eagle Lake a place where everyone can enjoy being on the water.


Eurasian Milfoil