2021 Matching Grants for Shoreline Restorations - History of program inception

                                  BALD EAGLE AREA ASSOCIATION 2021

 The RCWD (Rice Creek Watershed District) has created a grant program to provide homeowners with technical and financial assistance to install projects that reduce or reuse stormwater runoff, prevent erosion and filter pollutants. Raingardens, stabilizing shoreline erosion, restoring degraded wetlands, agricultural water quality practices, and, in some cases, pervious pavers may be eligible projects for this program. For typical projects, the RCWD may fund 25-50% of total project costs up to a maximum of $5,000.  If a project is highly beneficial to water resources, such as a curb-cut raingarden, RCWD may fund 75% of eligible materials and contracted labor up to a maximum of $7,500.  RCWD also partners with the Anoka and Washington Conservation Districts and the Ramsey County Soil and Water Conservation Division to provide technical assistance to residents interested in water quality improvement projects for their property. 

In light of the Ramsey County Conservation District’s report of March 2012 for Bald Eagle Lake, in which 20% of the lake’s phosphorous was coming from watershed runoff (and that figure is probably over 30% now with the successful alum treatment targeting the worst culprit, internal loading), the Lake Association determined that matching grants are an appropriate use of Bald Eagle Area Association funds to further the mission of making Bald Eagle Lake the best that it can be. 


In light of this determination, in 2021, the Bald Eagle Area Association (BEAA) will contribute to shoreline restoration, rain gardens and other water quality improvement projects that directly affect Bald Eagle Lake runoff.  BEAA will only match grants for those previously approved by the RCWD for their own 2021 Water Quality grants program.  The Bald Eagle Area Association has established a $15,000 fund for 2021.  This fund will allow grants of 30% of an individual approved project for a Bald Eagle Lake homeowner, up to $5000 per property.  For example, the RCWD could pay 50%, BEAA would pay 30% up to $5,000 and the homeowner would pay the remaining amount.  BEAA will follow RCWD’s sequence of approval to grant the BEAA funds.


Interested homeowners should go to the RCWD website https://www.ricecreek.org and search for information related to “Water Quality Grants”. Homeowners should also contact the BEAA board through beaagroup@gmail.com so we can track the application/grant approval process of the RCWD.   You can find more details at baldeagleassn.org under the “news/blog” menu.


The evaluation for the potential grant is at no charge to the homeowner, there is no obligation on the part of the homeowner to agree to the project and it would take only about a half hour of the homeowner’s time. If you’ve been thinking about shoreline restoration or rain garden installations, don’t miss out on this opportunity for financial support!





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