September 25th, 2019 Board Meeting Minutes


Bald Eagle Area Association

Board Meeting Minutes




Date / Time:

9-25-19 at 7:00 pm CST


Carole Moore’s Residence

Minutes Approved 11-19-19





Bart Crockett (President)


Jim Ascheman (Member at Large)


Mike Doran (Treasurer)


Adam Moore (Member at Large)


Carole Moore (Secretary)


Nick Guzzo (Member at Large)


Molly Ertle (Member at Lar


Antonette Alexander (Member at Large)



Bart Crockett


  • Bart Crockett called the meeting to order at 7:10 pm. Bart made a motion to approve the minutes from 8-27-19 meeting. Mike seconded the motion and it was approved by all.
  • Bart mentioned that, if we do another music event lakeside, that we consult Nick about allowing boats to dock up to shore. It was also suggested perhaps we have a porta-potty if we do that, as then people will likely go ashore.
  • The Boatworks Commons has been confirmed for our annual board meeting 10-23-19. Mike will ensure he can get the key, get into the building and get any ramp parking instructions needed.
  • Bart will follow up on the status of our 501c3 designation


Mike Doran

Treasurer’s Report  

Mike reported that the bank balance for the operating budgets is now $87,986.  The grant account balance is $20,100. Mike stated that our operating budget is high due to the fact that we didn’t need to spend money on milfoil treatment this summer.  Per RCWD guidelines, our total balance is as they suggest for having $50k for operating expenses and $50k in reserve for a rapid response to invasive species infestation.  Mike suggested that we use some of the grant money to augment the RCWD contributions to shoreline remediation and rain gardens. He presented a motion in the “new business” area below.  Bart will contact Katherine Harris about using her funds for this purpose and perhaps getting an article in the WB Press.


$300 was sent to Dellwood for our spring dinner deposit.  $50 was paid to the City of White Bear Lake for renting the meeting space for our annual meeting on 10-23-19.  $762 was paid to St. Thomas printing center for our dues mailing.


Carole reported that $20,525 have been collected in dues from 146 members.  Donations to date total $2200.  We have a total of 467 properties with lake shore or lake access, so we have collected from 32% of these homeowners.


Carole made a motion to approve reimbursements to Gary Krejcarek and Jim Ascheman for their AIS class expenses at the U of MN.  The motion was seconded by Molly and approved by the board.  Each will receive $51.06 for their class and parking expense.


It was suggested at a prior meeting that we put our account balance in a fund with more growth.  Mike stated that until we get our TAX ID number, we should postpone this action, as we’d get a 1099Int for any interest income and have no way to file a tax return yet.


Bart Crockett

Annual Meeting

  • Conversation centered on the potential speakers (Steve McComas, Matt Kocien, Kevin Lund). Bart will follow up and let us know who’s speaking so Carole can publicize that information.
  • Bart reported that Jody McCormick and Kathy Bradley will work on encouraging attendance at our annual meeting as it approaches.
  • Signs for the meeting will be picked up this week. Jim will help put them up and will pick a few signs the day of the meeting to place along Hwy 61 near the venue.
  • Postcards will be mailed to paid members as soon as available. Printing will be $73; postage will be $34.
  • Highlights for the meeting include:
    • Good bank balance
    • Good dues collection
    • No payments needed for Eurasian Milfoil this summer. – saved $20k
    • Fundraiser was effective
    • We saved $4k on boat inspectors, as DNR and Rice Creek stepped up staffing
    • No payments for zebra mussel study, as DNR didn’t think it would be effective at this time. -saved $8-10k
    • Our bank balance is our insurance policy - $50k for NIRP (AIS), $50k for operating expenses with some excess.


  • The following plans were made at the August Meeting – just a reminder as the meeting approaches.
  • Adam will contact the West Oaks dock association to inform them of the meeting date/location.
  • Mike will contact Timber Hills
  • Bart will contact Spring Park Villa
  • Antonette will contact Oak Shores and “Woods of Bald Eagle?”
  • Carole requested that the presidents’ names be reported back to her for the “record”.


  • ANNUAL MEETING SET UP – All available members, please gather there at 2 pm that day.


  • Bart will bring his credit card scanner. Molly and Leigh will take dues payments that night.
  • Carole will bring signs for check in and dues payment, will make and put signs up at Hanifl in case someone didn’t get venue update. Carole will also bring BEAA business cards to hand out.
  • Carole will check with Adam about projection system and suggestions for who may be able to help set it up night of the event – if he has equipment, maybe he can show Nick how to do it.
  • We will need 2 tables – one for check in – one for dues.
  • Carole will bring 50 copies of the 2018 Annual Board Meeting Minutes – we’re required to have available.
  • Carole will bring 3 check in /payment lists.
  • Jim will sit with Carole at check in table.
  • It was suggested we have handouts. Bart might ask the speakers to bring some?
  • Jim will move some meeting signs towards the venue the day of the event.
  • Bart will review the by-laws regarding voting on board members or other requirements for the annual mtg.




  • Flyer drafted by Jim Ascheman with BEAA, BECHA, BEYC and Benson airport info. Jim added some sailing photos . Jim will get information about the Ice Boat Sailing Club from Molly or Bill Reed and add that to the flyer.  Once updated, Jim will get Adam a copy to put on website and will contact Realtors of homes for sale to share this information with potential buyers.
  • Per Bart, we have some information about grant writers. No names were mentioned.
  • Adam’s suggestions to create procedure manuals/timelines for Board Matters – this will be on the November agenda and will be a winter project. Adam suggested we create procedure manuals and timelines for the responsibilities of the board.  The information is currently known only by the board members responsible for various details, but we should have some documentation for required obligations such as tax filings, annual meetings, re-election of board members, etc. 


  • Discussion about helping fund rain gardens/shoreline restoration- Mike made the motion below. It was seconded by Carole and approved by the Board.


I would like to make a motion that BEAA contributes to shoreline restoration and rain gardens that directly affect Bald Eagle Lake runoff and are approved for RCWD matching grants in 2020.  Further, I recommend that we set up a budget of $15,000 maximum for this program in 2020 and that we fund up to 30% of the individual projects approved by RCWD.


RCWD will match 50% up to a $7,500 limit. I propose that BEAA matches another 30% (maximum of $4500 per BEAA grant) leaving the landowner to fund 20% with their funds.  So 50% RCWD, 30% BEAA, 20% landowner.  BEAA will follow RCWD’s sequence of approval to grant the BEAA funds. Homeowners will contact the BEAA board through if interested in the process.


In light of the Ramsey County Conservation District’s TMLD report of March 2012 for Bald Eagle Lake, in which 20% of the lake’s phosphorous was coming from watershed runoff (and that figure is probably over 30% now with the successful alum treatment targeting the worst culprit- internal loading), it is an appropriate use of funds to further our mission of making Bald Eagle Lake the best that it can be.


Mike proposed this as a pilot project for BEAA.  An annual program for 2020 with the possibility of renewal depending on board's feelings. Agreed that if we have unused funds it goes back in the pot unattached to any future projects.  Since the Harris grant will be used to fund this initial test, we'd have an additional $5,000 that we could add to the 2020 BEAA grant if the board deems appropriate.


But for this year, 2020, $15k from BEAA and when the funds are exhausted (hopefully) we're done and folks can apply in 2021 assuming RCWD will renew the program and BEAA is on board also.






Next meeting date 11-19-19 at Carole Moore’s house , 7 pm




Meeting adjourned at 8:45 pm