BEAA Board Meeting Minutes 9-13-21


Bald Eagle Area Association

Board Meeting Minutes




Date / Time:

9-13-2021 at 5:00 pm CST


Mike Doran’s house

Approved   11-10-2021




Bart Crockett (President)


Doug Mulder  (Member at Large)


Antonette Alexander (Treasurer)


Meg Rapheal  (Member at Large)


Carole Moore (Secretary)


Jack Jungbauer (Member at Large


Molly Ertle (Member at Large)


Nick Guzzo (Member at Large)


Mike Doran (Member at Large)




Guest Speaker – John Rapheal re: licensing Bald Eagle Lake Fireworks

  John has been working with a private company based in Pine City, MN and has been helping them with various fireworks events. He is interested in having fireworks on Bald Eagle Lake be an official, permitted event.  If this could be done, he’d like to spearhead the efforts and put on larger fireworks shows than we have seen in the past from various lake locations.    He stated ordering and receiving fireworks in time to for events has been an issue as the fireworks come from China and there have been transportation issues since Covid.   Shipping is also an issue due to the fact that transportation involves moving hazardous materials.  There are fewer drivers willing to do that.   The fireworks themselves need to be stored in “magazines”.  The company in Pine City has several legal storage containers/magazines.


If he moved forward with becoming a licensed fireworks operator, he would need his own trained crew.  Materials and labor for a show would be about $20,000.  Based on John’s experience, donations would likely be very available.   It was suggested that perhaps organizations, businesses, White Bear Township and lake shore homeowners could be contributors.  Another expense is that he would need $2,000,000 in liability insurance.  Permitting would likely happen through the White Bear Lake Fire Department


Bart asked John what role he was envisioning for BEAA to play in this endeavor. It was suggested we could be helpful in providing support to the concept as he is applying for his permits. Perhaps our web platform could be used to accept donations directly for the fireworks, which would flow through directly to John. Having BEAA involved in some level will give it more legitimacy and would be another team building experience for lake homeowners. There are required setbacks based on the size of the pipe/cylinder from which the fireworks eject.  This will need investigation as to where on or around the lake the required setback/space is available.  John will keep us updated as he continues his investigations and this item will be on the November BEAA board meeting agenda.



Doug made a motion to  approve the minutes from August 2021. It was seconded by Bart and approved by all.  Carole will put the minutes on the website.


Antonette Alexander

Treasurer’s Report :

  • Antonette reported that the net revenue from the Annual Dinner was $19,502, up $803 from 2019.
  • The BEAA 2022 budget will be finalized at the November meeting.
  • Graffic Traffic has netted $1564 from BEAA logo gear sales with the 2 store openings.
  • Mike Kesti and his balance on the shoreline grant will be discussed at the November meeting. We would need to adjust our portion of the total grant fund by $1284.70 for a total of $16,284.70 to cover the Kesti project up to the $5k possible. Carole will notify Mike that he will be eligible for his full $5000 after the board makes a final motion/amendment in November.

Total Project Cost

RCWD Cost-Share Amount

30% BEAA up to 5K

Bal of $15,000 avail







Annual Dinner

  • All agreed that the PA system was worthless. It was suggested we add 2 speakers to the back and/or sides of the room next year.
  • Bart reimbursed Doug for his liquor raffle purchase and considered it a donation to BEAA. Doug also donated wine and bag toss games.
  • It was agreed that check out is still a problem. Antonette suggested we have several check out locations and number them by auction item number. The check-out person would have a list with those auction items only, which would speed up the process and get people through faster if we have 4-5 check out stations.  We will need more squares. The check-out person would also have any certificates needed distribution tied to the auction item numbers they’re in charge of – that are on their specific list.
  • It was suggested we move the check-out area away from the exit hallway so it doesn’t block traffic leaving.
  • Parking was discussed as a consideration for when we hold the next dinner, as there are fewer golfers in April than in the summer months. BEAA had to pay for a parking attendant.
  • Carole still had some unpaid auction items. Everyone who left without paying and without their items was sent an invoice twice through Shopify and was also mailed one through USPS if they did not respond to the 2 emails. Meg will follow up with Kathleen Finn. She owes $70 for the BEAA logo pennant item #170. Mike Doran purchased the unpaid item won by Charlie Cliffe for the bid of $140.  It was auction item #77, Lakeshore season tickets and Culvers food.


Bart Crockett

President Report:

  • Bart will draft a letter to accompany information about the annual meeting in October and get it to Carole.
  • Carole will put out an email and notices in FB and ND once she gets the letter from Bart. Nick will post on Instagram.
  • Steve McComas from Blue Water Science and TJ DeBates of the East Metro DNR will be guest speakers.
  • Carole will put a notice in the WB Press about the annual meeting to have it run Oct 5 and Oct 12. Speakers’ names will be included.
  • Bart will create an agenda for the annual meeting and have copies available for that night.
  • Board members who placed signs will collect them after the event and store them WHERE?
  • Meg will bring pens and nametags to the annual dinner.
  • Doug will bring the easels and signs which were on display at the dinner to the annual meeting.
  • Carole will print member lists for check in at the annual meeting. For those with unpaid dues, they’ll be directed to the website for payment or they can write a check.  Carole will bring the BEAA business cards so they have info to get to the website. 
  • Doug will bring the window decals to the annual meeting
  • Bart stated he is resigning his position as president after the annual meeting. Bart invited Meg Rapheal and Doug Mulder to step in as President and Vice President, respectively, and both agreed to take on those roles going forward.




  • Jack will review the insurance policy received by Bart and report back next month, as he was initially sent the wrong policy (from a different company). Jack has still not received the policies and will follow up with Craig McNulty.


At 7 pm, Jack made a motion to adjourn.  It was seconded by Mike and approved by all.

Next meeting date 11-10-21.  6 pm at Carole Moore’s  house.