May 6th Board Meeting


x Bart Crockett (President)
x Mike Doran (Treasurer)
x Carole Moore (Secretary)
x Molly Ertle (Member at Large)

Jim Ascheman (Member at Large)

Adam Moore (Member at Large)

x Jack Jungbauer (Member at Large

x Nick Guzzo (Member at Large)

Antonette Alexander (Member at Large)

Bald Eagle Area Association Board Meeting Minutes

Date / Time: Location:

5-6-2020 at 6:30 pm CST Carole Moore’s Residence Minutes Approved 5-6-2020


Bart called the meeting to order at 6:40pm. Mike made a motion to approve the minutes from 3-4-20. Bart seconded the motion and it was approved by all. Carole will send the minutes to Adam to put on the website.

Mike Doran

Treasurer’s Report

  • Mike reported that the bank balance for the operating budget is now $83,529. At the March meeting, a motion was made by Carole to move the shoreline restoration line item out of the operating budget and pull it from the Grant account. The motion was seconded by Adam and approved by all. The “Music on the Lake” budget line item was increased from $1500 to $2000. Jack made a motion to approve the revised budget. The motion was seconded by Mike and approved by all. We approved a budget with revenues of $30k and expenses of $26k for a budget surplus of $4k.

  • Mike will update the budget to remove the projected revenue from the Annual Dinner, which will not happen in 2020.


    meeting minutes.

  • 2019 Tax returns have been filed.

  • Mike will get our 2 insurance policies to Jack for his review to check on our liability limits.

  • Mike will send me a copy of this year’s weed survey results for our files and to attach to the minutes. Mike and Bart

    reported that Curly Leaf Pondweed (CLP) has already been treated. We had more acres treated in 2020 than last year. Some areas were left untreated to allow some funds for Eurasian Milfoil treatment. Those areas not treated for CLP will likely get “drift” from areas that were treated to the west.

  • Mike will follow up with Turtle Lake and Lake Minnetonka regarding their use of the CD3 AIS machines. It was stated that we need to keep in mind that this is NOT a typical year for boating, as Covid19 will be changing people vacation and recreation patterns and more boats may be in use more frequently than in typical years past.

  • Mike reported that there have been 10 requests for shoreline grants, including Kathy Fleming, Duvalls, Holly Beaulieu, Carole Moore, Doug Muldan. Brian Olson from the Ramsey County Conservation District is having conference calls and will make site visits to move the process forward.

  • It was discussed that if we get more grant money from Katherine Harris, perhaps next year we should address drainage and restoration issues that are on public property around the lakeshore, such as Benson Bay’s culvert.

FOLLOW UP FROM PRIOR MEETINGS: Adam’s BEAA job description and website maintenance instructions are past due.

Bart Crockett

President’s Report

  • The 501c3 process seems to be moving forward. It is understood that the IRS has accepted the application.

  • ANNUAL DINNER: Molly made a motion to move the date from August 2020 to April 2021. The motion was seconded by Jack and approved by all. Due to Covid19, it will be postponed until April 22, 2021. Antonette will confirm with Dellwood and get any necessary deposits to them through Mike. Carole will notify the community via email, Facebook and Next Door. Those who’ve paid for the dinner already, will be allowed a refund, if requested, but otherwise all dinners paid will flow forward for the 2021 dinner. Carole will draft an email letter and submit to the board for comments/approval.

  • It was decided that the dues mailing will go out along with information about music on the lake, and that magnets would be included in that mailing. St. Thomas mail services can insert them. In an email to me from Mike on 2-26-20, he stated that adding the magnets to one of our mailers would be .70 x 500 , so would be an extra $350.

  • Bart, as president, will draft a letter, as he did last year, regarding collecting dues, mentioning the lack of income due to the dinner being cancelled. In that letter will also be information about the Music on the Lake event and the magnet will be included. Bart stated he’d contact Nathan Landucci about potential use of his barge for the band.

Nick and Molly will chair the music event again this year and will report back with the band chosen, date decided th

upon and costs involved. Based on availability, the proposed date will be Saturday, August 8 , with an automatic back up date of Sunday, 8/9 in case of thunderstorms.

New Business

Jack mentioned some concerns regarding people fishing at night for carp, with very bright lights. Jack will check further with the DNR about any restrictions, time constraints, etc. It was mentioned that the boat launch technically is NOT open for use 24 hours/day and perhaps that could be monitored to reduce the night fishing issue.

2020 BEAA budget

(REVISED 6-10-20)


Membership dues and Gifts

Total Revenue


Weed Control Boat inspections

$20,000 $20,000

$17,000 $3,000

$17,473 in 2018

$3,831 in 2019 Two

Includes postcard mailing, rental and speakers

501c(3) Magnets

Insurance $700

Music on the Lake
Annual Meeting Membership dues mailing Legal Expenses Promotional Expenses Office Expenses and Misc
Total Expenses


$2,000 $500 $800 $1,000 $500 $1,000 $26,500


Assumptions: We will use the Harris Grant Funds to fund the shoreline restoration projects up to $15,000 Budget also assumes no continuing Harris Grant

Motion to adjourn made by Bart, seconded by Nick, meeting adjourned at 8:20 pm Next meeting date 6-10-20 at Carole Moore’s house, 6 PM.