June 10th Board Meeting


x Bart Crockett (President)
x Mike Doran (Treasurer)
x Carole Moore (Secretary)
x Molly Ertle (Member at Large)

Bald Eagle Area Association Board Meeting Minutes

Date / Time: Location:

6-10-2020 at 6:00 pm CST Carole Moore’s Residence Minutes Approved 7-14-2020

Jim Ascheman (Member at Large)

x Adam Moore (Member at Large)

Jack Jungbauer (Member at Large
x Nick Guzzo (Member at Large)
x Antonette Alexander (Member at Large)

Bart called the meeting to order at 6:15 pm. Mike made a motion to approve the minutes from 5-6-20. Bart seconded the motion and it was approved by all. Carole will send the minutes to Adam to put on the website.

Mike Doran

Treasurer’s Report

  • Mike reported that the bank balance for the operating budget is now $84,300. 2 payments were made totaling $695 one for $428 for liability insurance and one for $267 for officer liability insurance.

  • Mike presented a revised budget with consideration for weed treatments. Carole made a motion to accept the revised budget, it was seconded by Nick and approved by all.

  • Mike will send Carole the final approved budget for 2020, showing a deficit of $11,500.

  • Mike provided a copy of this years weed treatment map, attached here. Eurasian Milfoil treatment is not needed.

  • It was discussed that the board may consider increasing the allotted $15k shoreline restoration grant money,

    depending on how applications come through and how our dues payments come in. It was also suggested that perhaps next year, rather than a flat 30% match, we choose to match 30% up to a maximum of $3000 per grant, allowing more residents to get some benefit from the match. It was discussed that if we get more grant money from Katherine Harris, perhaps next year we should address drainage and restoration issues that are on public property around the lakeshore, such as Benson Bay’s culvert.


  • Adam’s BEAA job description and website maintenance instructions are past due.

  • Antonette confirmed Dellwood is available for 4-22-21 and no additional deposits are required.

  • Breanna Schaffer is not familiar with grants for lake issues. Antonette may know someone and will investigate.

  • Adam will contact Dave Baumler, a West Oaks resident and U of MN Professor, to see if he has access to grant

    information .

  • Adam will check expiration dates on already received donations and make arrangements to extend the dates for use at

    next April’s dinner and silent auction.

  • Adam will also get the list of business sponsors to Bart, for inclusion in his dues email.


  • Molly and Nick reported on the custom tumblers and wine glasses we will be selling. It was decided to get 48 (a case) of tumblers and 96 wine glasses. Turquoise will be used on the wine glasses and navy blue on the tumblers, with both having white for the logo and lettering. Each will be sold for $20. Molly and Nick will consider how we might sell them at the Music on the Lake event.

  • Nick and Molly will be reserving the band.

  • Bart will talk with Nathan Landucci about using the barge.

  • Mike will check with St. Thomas about pricing for weather resistant signs for Music on the Lake. Adam may still have a

    connection with Allegra?

  • Antonette will revise the Music on the Lake flyer with the new dates and times and get to Carole, Nick and Molly for

    inclusion in the dues mailing and posting on FB and Next Door. The flyer will include information that the automatic

    back up date due to storms, would be Sunday 8/9. Donations encouraged? Bring cash to purchase glasses?

  • Nick and Molly had to find a new band at a higher cost. Carole made a motion to change the budgeted price for the

    band to $2500. The motion was seconded by Adam and majority voted in favor. (This motion took place via emails after this meeting date. )

    Bart Crockett

    President’s Report

  • Jim Ascheman asked Bart whether BEAA should send out notices regarding any stolen property around the lake. The Board agreed that Next Door or Facebook were better platforms for that information.

  • It was confirmed that the dues mailing will go out along with information about Music on the Lake, and that magnets would be included in that mailing. St. Thomas mail services can insert them. In an email to Carole from Mike on 2-26- 20, he stated that adding the magnets to one of our mailers would be .70 x 500 , so would be an extra $350.

  • Carole will contact St Thomas to give them a heads up about the mailing and request information about turnaround time.

  • Adam will send Bart a list of business sponsors for his inclusion in the dues letter. Carole could also post something on FB and Next Door regarding the same idea of shopping local.

  • Bart, as president, will draft a letter, as he did last year, regarding collecting dues, mentioning the lack of income due to the dinner being cancelled. In that letter will also be information about the Music on the Lake event and the magnet will be included.

  • Bart will add a note to the dues letter to thank our business sponsors and suggest we frequent their businesses.

  • Bart expects to get the drafted letter to Carole by Monday 6-15-20.

    New Business

    • The shoreline restoration grant process was discussed with attention being given to the fact that some projects may not be done by year end, as homeowners have 18 months after receiving the RCWD grant to complete the work. Once we get information about approved projects and their costs, BEAA will set aside the necessary grant funds to make payments to residents in 2021, if necessary, when their project is completed.

    • Carole will contact Brian Olson, RCCD, to have him let us know when projects have been approved.

2020 BEAA budget



Membership dues and Gifts

Total Revenue


Weed Control
Boat inspections
Music on the Lake
Annual Meeting Membership dues mailing Legal Expenses Promotional Expenses Office Expenses and Misc Shoreline Restoration Match
Total Expenses


$20,000 $20,000

$7,000 $3,000 $700 $2,000 $500 $800 $1,000 $500 $1,000 $15,000 $26,500


Assumptions: We will use the Harris Grant Funds to fund the shoreline restoration projects up to $15,000 Budget also assumes no continuing Harris Grant

Motion to adjourn made by Bart, seconded by Mike. Meeting was adjourned at 7:40 pm Next meeting date 7-14-20 at Carole Moore’s house, 6 PM.