July Meeting Minutes


x Bart Crockett (President)
x Mike Doran (Treasurer)
x Carole Moore (Secretary)
x Molly Ertle (Member at Large)

Bald Eagle Area Association Board Meeting Minutes

Date / Time: Location:

7-14-2020 at 6:00 pm CST Carole Moore’s Residence Minutes Approved 8-4-2020

Jim Ascheman (Member at Large) x Adam Moore (Member at Large)

Jack Jungbauer (Member at Large x Nick Guzzo (Member at Large)

Antonette Alexander (Member at Large)

Bart called the meeting to order at 6:15 pm. Mike made a motion to approve the minutes from 6-10-20. Bart seconded the motion and it was approved by all. Carole will send the minutes to Adam to put on the website.

Mike Doran

Treasurer’s Report :

  • Mike reported that the bank balance for the operating budget is now $98,561.
    o PaymentwasmadetoSt.Thomasfortheduesmailingfor$322.
    o Thedepositwaspaidforthemusiceventat$1250andtheglassdepositwaspaidoutat$1183.

  • Carole reported that dues paid as of 7-13-20 were $17,400 plus donations of $1725. As of 7-17, 133 households paid dues out of around 400 “taxed” households.

  • Carole reported on products sales, as well. As of 7-10, we received 54 orders which totaled 70 wine glass sales and 80 tumblers sales, totaling $2770. $55 was collected for delivery fees. The cost of the wine glass is $8.80 and the tumbler is $10.95. Shipping and tax are additional.

  • We are officially approved as a 501C3 organization effective 1-14-2020. We are considered a “private” foundation.

o Form990-PF,ReturnofPrivateFoundationneedstobefiledannuallywhetherornotwehaveincomeor activity. More information can be found at www.irs.gov/charities. Enter “4221-PF” in the search bar for

information on filing requirements and other obligations. o Mikealsoappliedfortaxexemptstatusrelatedtosalestax

  • Adam will add information to the website “reminding” all that we are a non-profit, 501C3 organization.

  • Carole will put out reminders on FB and Next Door regarding dues being tax deductible.

    Molly and Nick

    Music on the Water:

  • Glassware sales hopefully will cover the event expense. More tumblers have been ordered. Carole will continue blasts on FB and ND, but will stop sending reminders about dues until the fall, per Bart.

  • It was decided that we will not sell glassware during the event due to “social distancing issues” and logistics of collecting payments and distributing product.

  • We will ask the band to promote the products and direct buyers to our website. All board members should use their logo glassware at the event.

  • It was suggested that perhaps next year the music event be on the 4th of July before fireworks. The board agreed to keep any future concerts separate from any 4th of July activities.

  • Nick will contact Nate Landucci about using the barge for the band. If that doesn’t work, alternatives to getting the band off the lakeshore include attaching a few pontoons together. Nick, Molly and Bart will make plans.

  • Adam is going to contact Blake from Forest Lake about a bare bones pontoon. (At the time minutes were prepared, Nick reported back that he had connected with Nate and Nate was checking with his crew).

  • Nick and Molly will inform the board regarding help they may need for set up, clean up, etc.

  • Carole has sent the event info to the WB Press.

  • If there is a porta potty, it will be behind Nick’s house for use by the band. Lakeshore access will be discouraged.

  • Adam.... May need to install buoys around the dock like last year?


  • The dues letter mailing has been done

  • Jack’s report on carp/night fishing and insurance is tabled until the August meeting.

  • Adam’s BEAA job description and website maintenance instructions are past due.

  • Adam will contact Dave Baumler, a West Oaks resident and U of MN Professor, to see if he has access to grant

    information .

  • Adam will check expiration dates on already received donations and make arrangements to extend the dates for use at

    next April’s dinner and silent auction.

  • Carole will follow up with Jim regarding the “welcome” packets he and Jody McCormick were going to distribute. At

    the time these minutes were prepared, Jim had responded that he and Jody had not done anything for the last 4 months, as Covid prevented “meet and greet”. Carole will start sending out welcome packets to new homeowners through the mail or will drop them in their mailboxes.

    New Business:

  • Adam suggested installing a permanent sign for BEAA, where information could be changed for the various meetings, events, product sales, etc. It was suggested it be put up by the Open Space in White Bear Township. (this location needs to be more specific). Adam will investigate possibilities and costs/features.

  • Carole reported that the homeowner (Larsons) at Bald Eagle Blvd E and Beaver street are having difficulty with the mat applied to hold down the grass seed. It’s difficult to remove, is not disintegrating as promised and has stakes imbedded which are hazardous to a lawn mower and all the children that use the lakeshore. Carole will follow up with the homeowner to let them know they can contact the board and we will advocate for them.

  • Mike reported on a study by MN Lakes and Rivers indicating lakes with associations have better water clarity.

  • It was discussed that perhaps we create ball caps and shirts with the BEAA logo. Adam will investigate products,

    including decals.

  • Adam will show Carole how to re-send a mailing to those who haven’t opened it (Mail Chimp).

  • Bart suggested we recognize Rick Donovan’s 15 years of work on the board with some kind of gift. Ideas included

    Sapphire Gin, a gift certificate to Acqua, etc. This will be done at the next dinner, along with acknowledging Katherine Harris’ donation.

    Motion to adjourn made by Bart, seconded by Mike. Meeting was adjourned at 7:45 pm Next meeting date 8-4-20 at Carole Moore’s house, 6:30 PM.