January 24th, 2019

Meeting Notes

Approved: 2-18-19

Date / Time: January 24, 2019 at 7:00pm CST

Location: Bart Crockett’s Residence / Registered Office


x Bart Crockett (President) x Jim Ascheman (Member at Large)

x Mike Doran (Treasurer) Adam Moore (Member at Large)

Carol Moore (Secretary) Nick Guzzo (Member at Large)

x Molly Ertle (Member at Large) x Antonette Alexander (Member at Large)

x Gary Kreczarek

Introduction – Bart Crockett

Bart Crockett called the meeting to order. Prior month’s meeting minutes was approved.

Treasurer’s Report – Mike Doran

Mike Doran provided a brief update on the association’s current financial position. He indicated that one more

membership fee came through bringing the current balance to approximately just above $54,000.

Gary Krejcarek complimented the BEAA about what a great reputation it has in the community and went onto noting

that the White Bear Conservation District also has a rather larger pool of funds this year that BEAA might want to look

into to determine whether BEAA can benefit from it. Bart Crockett suggested that BEAA need to look at some strategic

planning, and how he was particularly impressed by the great ideas Jeff Forester suggested.

Mr Crockett thanked Mike for his Treasurer’s report.

Amended Article of Incorporation and Bylaws – Bart Crockett and Mike Doran

Mr Crockett and Mr Doran presented the Articles of Incorporation and the amended Bylaws. All members present

signed the Articles and Bylaws. Signatures outstanding are from Carol Moore, Adam Moore and Nick Guzzo. Mr. Crockett

stressed the need to draft a contingency plan to treat Aquatic Invasive Species. We have potential financial sponsor,

however, need a more convincing contingency plan for Kathryn Harris and other potential sponsors to make their rather

significant investment.

Members agreed that spotty inspection is not very effective and BEAA needs to discuss it further. A meeting on strategic

plan with Justin Townsend has been scheduled. However, it was agreed that BEAA needs to come up with its own plan.

It was suggested that BEAA request from Justin Townsend an action plan rather than a strategic plan.

Bald Eagle Area Association (“BEAA”)

Annual Fundraising Dinner – Mike Doran

Mr Crockett invited Mr Doran to lead the discussion, summarize last year’s results and go through assignment of various

tasks. Mr Doran compared the numbers of last two years and explained that although attendance was lower in 2018,

revenue was much larger. All agreed that we need to drive for higher attendance with a dinner ticket rate of $75 per

person. Antonette Alexander suggested the cans of copper paint be considered as a promotional offer to sign up for

membership at the fundraising dinner. Jim Ascheman agreed to man the membership sign-up table, but need to check

on price and availability of copper paint.

Mr Doran proceeded with the task assignment and all agreed to the following:

Antonette = venue and menu selection, auction signs and bid sheets

Jim = check on zeb paint and present at Feb board meeting for possibility of staffing membership sign up table.

Molly = Premium item for sale at dinner, research, purchase and staff table

Bart = M/C (or Rick) and boost attendance, bistro tables

Mike = Auction items ask and money responsibilities

Members in attendance proposed the following assignments for those not in attendance and others outside of BEAA


Nick = Large items ask, sell and staff table (I'm happy to work with you Nick and Adam has brought in some

items in the past)

Adam = Staff and handle auction check out tables, sound system, garage floor donation (thank you for past


Carole = Publicity and attendance, get save date out, alert member periodically this spring, WB Press, lawn signs,

reconcile her list with the past attendees list

Leigh and Vicky = pick up and store auction items

Deb Donovan = checkout with Adam, do reservation table;

Tonya and Chad Gruenwald = games

Rick Donovan = buy and stage liquor and wine for raffle

AI Report – Jim Ascheman

Mr Ascheman provided an update on the Aquatic Invasive Species Treatment taskforce.

• No progress with the DNR with the Minnows project that adds Minnows to the lake to fight Zebra Mussels as the

DNR shut down the project.

• Mr Ascheman met with Mike Parenteau of the White Bear Lake Conservation District (lake association) and

highlighted the following from the meeting:

o Zebra Mussels escalated to large numbers and then receded down by 20%

o Zebra Mussels cleaned the water so they now have 30’ visibility

o Last season he only had a few on his ladder & a few on the dock posts

No evidence of impact to the fish population from the Zebra Mussels noted

o They treat Eurasian Millfoil in June. Last year the DNR let them treat to depth of 8’. Successful. They

treat 390 locations covering 70 acres.

o They have non-native Phragmites: Justin Townsend helped the DNR locate the plants and recommended

the treatment with chemicals. They can be eliminated.

o They are on the lookout for Starry Stonewort & Spiny Waterflea

o They are happy to work with us on projects & information

Other –

It was suggested that the Membership Committee conduct a membership drive walking door to door with a can of

copper paint to go after fundraiser.

Mike Doran plans to check with prior presidents to get a write-up about BE for the website.

The meeting was adjourned by Bart Crockett.