BEAA Board Meeting Minutes 2-17-21


Bald Eagle Area Association

Board Meeting Minutes




Date / Time:

2-17-2021 at 6:00 pm CST


Via Zoom (Covid-19)






Bart Crockett (President)


Doug Mulder  (Member at Large)


Antonette Alexander (Treasurer)


Meg Rapheal  (Member at Large)


Carole Moore (Secretary)


Jack Jungbauer (Member at Large


Molly Ertle (Member at Large)


Nick Guzzo (Member at Large)


 Mike Doran (Member at Large)




Guest: Paul Burke from Graphic Traffic:

   Paul was invited by Doug Mulder to present information regarding partnering with his company to do fundraising activities for BEAA.  Graphic Traffic is a promotional branding company.  They do screen printing, create logos, sell promotional products such as clothing, glassware, flags, etc.  They would create an online store for BEAA on their website.  BEAA members would order through the online store and products would be either delivered to a central location (such as the annual dinner) or to a board member’s home for distribution.  They could also ship directly to the customer for a fee.  Paul also offered to have people pick up items directly from their shop in North St. Paul, near Hwy 36 and McKnight. Graphic Traffic collects any sales tax (clothing is non-taxable) and submits it to the State of MN on a quarterly basis.  BEAA would not be “buying or selling” anything, so would have no obligation to file sales tax reports.  BEAA still needs to stay within the window required for non-profits, of not selling product for more than 24 days/year.

Graphic Traffic would set up product sales online stating that a certain percentage or a flat dollar amount of every purchase goes to BEAA.  Once the sales/ordering window is closed, products are generally available 2-3 weeks later. Graphic Traffic would then submit the “donated” portion of sales to BEAA.  For example, the online store might state $3 of every T-shirt sale will be donated to BEAA…. Or 10% of the purchase price will be donated to BEAA.  In addition to a BEAA logo on the clothing, a person could also add their own name to the garment to make it more personalized.

There is no upfront inventory expense to BEAA.  He wouldn’t order the product until the order/sales window was closed and would order what had been “purchased” online.  He suggests having the store open for 2 weeks.  Due to our time constraints, we could have a couple of “sales events”, such as right before the annual dinner and perhaps before Music on the Lake.

BEAA would promote the online sales event via Mail Chimp, Facebook and Next Door, stating the start and stop date of the ordering window. BEAA would send out reminders again shortly before the ordering window would be closing, so people could be sure to get their orders placed in time.

Garment types that sell well, according to Paul, include high quality T-shirts, hoodies, ¼ zip sweatshirts, and crew neck sweatshirts. Some of his customers send thank you notes to those who have purchased to acknowledge their contribution.  to BEAA.  (Carole suggests we could use email or something less expensive for printing,  like a postcard.)

Paul stated costs for T-shirts are around $10, sweatshirts cost $15-$17, hoodies $18-25, golf shirts $32 and Nike products $56-$65.  Pricing might vary depending on volume and related vendor discounts. There is no issue with minimum orders as he doesn’t order the product until the purchases have come in and the online sale is closed.

The board agreed to move forward with this concept.  The “gear” committee will work on possible new logos and potential products to be sold.


Mike made a motion to  approve the minutes from January 2021. The motion was seconded by Doug and approved by all.  Carole will put the minutes on the website.

Treasurer’s Report :

  • Antonette reported that the operating budget balance is $122,192, the NIRP fund is $50,000 and the Harris grant fund is $20,075. There was $116.22 received from Shopify for product purchases.
  • Antonette presented the proposed budget for 2021, shown below. There was discussion about various line items as follows:
    • There was some discussion about where to record product sales occurring at the annual dinner and whether funds should go to the Annual Dinner revenue or to merchandising. It was decided to keep any products sales in the merchandising line item.
    • The shoreline restoration matching grant funds will be set at $15,000, regardless of which funds are used to fund it, our operating funds or Katherine Harris grant monies.
    • Bart suggested, as it relates to merchandising, that BEAA consider hosting some products sales on our own, outside of Graphic Traffic’s online BEAA store.
    • Jack made a motion to accept the budget as shown below, Meg seconded the motion and it was approved by all.
  •  Meg asked if the money in our bank is being invested. The NIRP funds of $50k are in a CD.  There was some discussion about whether to invest the funds or not, and the need to keep immediate access to our funds in case of an AIS infestation needing prompt response.  We would need a secure investment with a good return, with no potential for loss,  and still be able to maintain easy access. Anyone with suggestions to achieve this goal is encouraged to bring them forward to the board.
  • Antonette reported that Dellwood is reserved for August 19th, with no additional deposit needed. Antonette requested someone else take over organizing the annual dinner and silent auction. Meg said she would take the reins and get things started.  It was suggested a committee would be a good way to move forward.  Carole suggested that the committee need not be made up of solely board members, that other BEAA members may be willing and able to help, as this is a once a year event.  Often a group of friends work well together, enjoy the comradery and make a great team. It was suggested we need a planning meeting to assign tasks.  This will be put on the March agenda.  Carole will send Antonette’s planning spreadsheet and her collected notes from previous events to board members for their review.  Antonette will review the documents to make sure everything appears to be listed.


Follow up from prior meetings:

  • Shoreline Restoration Grants. Bart made a motion to accept Mike’s BEAA Shoreline Grant document as included in the 2-17-21 meeting agenda. Doug seconded the motion and it was approved by all.  Carole will send out a Mail Chimp notification, get it into the White Bear Press and post it on Facebook and Next Door in early March. Carole will notify Tracey Jensen, a 2020 RCWD approved applicant, that she can contact us this year and would be first on the list for 2021 matching funds. Funds were fully assigned to the first 3 applicants – she was the 4th approved applicant in 2020.
  • Lake Clean Up: Kevin Lund contacted Mike stating he would not be available on March 6th or 13th and Mike is not available on the 27th. Carole reported that WBL put a notice in the prior week’s event calendar in the WBL press, stating their clean up date, but that there would be no formal gathering before or after the event due to Covid. Carole suggested BEAA do the same this year.  Since so many would be unavailable, the board decided to keep the event a “distant” one.  Carole will send out information stating the date, time frame and that everyone does their own clean up activity.  It will be encouraged to go out with friends, family and neighbors, but there will be no barbecue this year.  Homeowners will be told to use their own garbage bags/containers and to dispose of the refuse through their home garbage collection.  Notification will go in the WB Press, on Facebook and Next Door.  Mike will notify Kevin of the plans for this year.
  • Geese Mitigation: Mike reported that the plan he submitted to the DNR was rejected.  Mike contacted the person who would be hired to harvest the geese for suggestions.  Mike will add his suggestions to the plan and re-submit it. It was suggested by the DNR that we advertise on FB and ND that we have ideas for deterrents to shoreline geese issues, such as directing them to metal coyote stakes, etc. The boat launch would be the location for the geese trapping efforts and using the park /launch area would require approval from the Township and Ramsey County.  The geese trapper stated that usually isn’t an issue.  Mike asked if Bart could get some documentation from Benson Airport stating geese create an interference and hazard there.  Bart stated he could probably get a statement from the Board of the airport and would get that to Mike for his DNR application.
  • Music on the Lake: Nick reported that he talked to 2 different bands. He said he’d prefer not to extend too many inquiries, as it’s hard when you have to report back that their band is not chosen.  The 2 recommendations are “Undergroove” and “Starlets Web”.  Undergroove has a large horn section and plays covers from many performers.  They would charge around $1000 for the event.  Starlets Web has 2 female singers as well as male performers.  They are a band focused on a tribute to women performers and would charge about $2500.  Any other ideas were encouraged.  It was agreed that we should go with Undergroove this year. Nick will set things up.

MN Lakes and Rivers Report – Jack Jungbauer

  • Jack attended a webinar sponsored by MN Lakes and Rivers (Jeff Forester). He stated the group is basically a lobbying group for water quality.  They were pushing for funding for a MN AIS study.  One goal was to access funds from the MN lottery environmental fund, which would be easier than chasing after grant monies and donations every year. One recommendation for revenue was to increase the fishing license fees, which haven’t changed in over 10 years.

 Bart Crockett President Report:

  • Bart has drafted a letter for Katharine Harris regarding possible grants for 2021. He expects to get it out this month.
  • Bart talked with Will Hurt, a new homeowner on Hugo Rd, and stated Will is interested in helping out and getting involved in BEAA projects.  Bart inquired about any website experience he might have and Will stated he can’t help with that.
  • Bart inquired if anyone was interested in taking a 6 hour online training course in AIS. No one responded in the affirmative.  Bart stated he would ask Jim Ascheman and Carole suggested he contact Kathy Fleming.  Bart will do so.
  • Bart reported that he’d communicated with Justin Townsend regarding boat launch inspections. Justin will come up with a schedule and report back to Bart.
  • It was decided that our annual BEAA dues would remain the same as last year. Carole will send Bart a copy of the dues letter sent out in 2020 and Bart will revise/update and send to Carole for editing and distribution.  The goal would be to get the letter out in March.  It takes some lead time for the printing and mailing.  Carole would also send it out via Mail Chimp when finalized and direct people to watch their email/snail mail via FB and ND.
  • Bart reported that the members whose terms expire in 2021 include Mike, Carole, Antonette and Bart himself. He said he’d be happy to stay on for another year to provide a smooth transition to an incoming President. He suggested Carole and Antonette stay on for a 2nd 3 year term. Bart stated the first year or 2 of a term involves learning about the board functions, lake issues and provides an opportunity to get up to speed, so staying on for a second term can be beneficial to the organization.


At 8:15 pm Bart made a motion  to adjourn, it was seconded by Mike and approved by all.  

 Next meeting date 3-10-21.  6 pm Zoom meeting. Nick has already sent out the meeting invitation.