BEAA Board Meeting Minutes 3-16-22

Bald Eagle Area Association

Board Meeting Minutes




Date / Time:

3-16-22 5:00 pm


Meg Rapheal’s house

Approved   5-18-22




Meg Rapheal (President)


Doug Mulder  (Vice President) (remotely)


Antonette Alexander (Treasurer)


Carole Moore (Secretary)


Molly Ertle (Member at Large) (remotely)


Jack Jungbauer (Member at Large


Sue Wade (Member at Large)


Nick Guzzo (Member at Large)


Deb Donovan (Member at Large)






Nick made a motion to  approve the minutes from the February Board Meeting. Meg seconded and it was approved by all.  Carole will put the meeting minutes on the website.




Antonette Alexander

Treasurer’s Report

  • Payments/Reimbursements:
    • $29 Shopify fee
    • $105 for Boatworks Commons rental for annual mtg in October
    • $433.81 reimbursement to Carole for dues mailing envelopes, labels and stamps
    • $500 deposit to Stephanie Varone – Starlette’s Web, Music on the Lake
  • The bank balance is $77,654.72
  • The NIRP Fund Balance is $50,035.
  • We are still waiting for payment from Graffic Traffic (Doug to follow up).

There was some discussion/dissatisfaction with having to always request our payment from Graffic Traffic.

  • Per our discussion in February, and Deb Donovan’s investigation, it was decided to continue holding the NIRP funds in a CD at our bank. It will be renewed.


Meg Rapheal

President’s Report:


MN Lakes and Rivers Survey:

Meg and Carole completed the  MN Lakes/Rivers survey. The MN Lakes and Rivers report on the results of the survey  been put on the BEAA Facebook page.


Results from Volunteer Request Letter

Included is a list of those who indicated interest in helping BEAA in various ways.  It was determined they should all be contacted sooner than later, to keep their interest and get them involved quickly.


Meg will communicate with Doug regarding leading the AIS group, with Jim Ascheman, Kathy Fleming, Gary Krejcarek, Tom Fleming, Kris and Jim Olsen to create an AIS “team”.  The Olsens could contact the PCA regarding doing Sechi disk readings.  I believe I still have the one in my boat that Jim used to use. They will need to get set up to report their findings to the PCA.  Mike Doran also does this, I believe, if we want another resource for the Olsens.


Meg will contact Allison re: spring event.


Nick and Molly will contact Bridget Cavanagh re: helping with Music on the Lake


Meg will also contact Bridget Cavanagh and Melissa Telsrow re: marketing upcoming events


Carole will contact Deb Donovan about leading the website update team, with brainstorming help from Antonette , Kelly Moore and Melissa Telsrow, listed below. Carole will get a meeting set up for the 5 interested parties to start brainstorming website enhancements and revise the welcome packet materials. 


  • Volunteer Request letter was sent out via MailChimp 2-18, FB and ND.
    • Kelly Moore Hobe Ln- will help with Shopify – she’s a web developer!!!
      • 5882 Hobe Ln (next to Boesers- 2nd house south of Hobe dock)
    • Kathy Fleming is potentially interested in getting deeper into AIS as is Gary Krejcarek. Kathy emailed me; Gary called me.  I gave Gary Kathy’s email address.  Gary Krejcarek will get involved in AIS education and efforts and will keep us informed of possible actions or educational opportunities. Gary has tried to contact Kathy Fleming to coordinate efforts. 651-492-2109
    • Deb Donovan offered to help with Mail Chimp. She’s back in town 3/22.
    • Bridget Cavanagh - happy to help with planning events, including brainstorming new ideas for spring, summer, winter. I can get some additional people to join me too!  She said she’d mentioned it to Meg in the past. 612-269-8282.
    • Melissa Telsrow- marketing duties. – Items she could help with:
      • Maintaining the BEAA website using the Shopify platform;
      • Marketing/graphics experience for our website, annual meeting displays, key communications;
      • Expand our membership through membership drives, awareness campaigns, annual dinner invitations, updating our “Welcome Packet” materials, etc.
      • - 612-501-7990
    • Tom Fleming – AIS and zebra mussel disk (Kathy Fleming’s son)
    • Kris Olsen hanging a zebra mussel detector on my dock and possibly volunteering w/PCA to monitor lake clarity – her husband Jim would probably help, too.



Doug Mulder - Vice President - attending remotely.

Doug is still waiting for information from Justin Townsend re: boat launch inspections.  Doug expects that we will need to pay more for boat inspections this year, as implied to him by Justin Townsend.  Justin did send out a large report about boat inspections.  Carole shared it with all board members through Google Drive.  Doug is also waiting for information from WB Township regarding have a booth at Township Days.  They expected to send out applications in mid-February.


Doug attended a virtual AIS webinar about applying for grants.  He contacted Mike Doran and Matt Kocien regarding the issue, as well. Matt stated he would apply for grants from RCWD for Curlyleaf pondweed treatments. Matt stated BEAA could also try to apply for the grant monies as the grants are targeted for lake associations. We could try for a Eurasian Milfoil treatment grant, although we haven’t needed any treatments for the last 2 years. Matt wasn’t sure if RCWD would give grants for both curlyleaf and Eurasian milfoil treatments.


Doug will collect proceeds from our pre-holiday Graffic Traffic sale.  Doug was also going to review product choices and add some new items before the next store opening.  It was recommended that we open the store in time for products to get to people by the 4th of July weekend, with the goal of funding Music on the Lake.


Nick Guzzo - Music on the Lake

The concert could be from 3-6 pm or 2-5 pm.  There was no discussion about Brandon Bonin, who Meg had mentioned as a possible opening act.  It was determined that we should still try to get donations during the Music on the Lake event.   Molly will check into yard signs.  We want to have more this year than last year.


At 6:10 Meg made a motion to adjourn, it was seconded by Molly and approved by all. The board stayed after the meeting to process the dues payment mailing.  Also helping were Jody McCormick, Kathy Bradley, Kathy Schwartz and Sue Wade. The dues mailing work took about an hour.  All envelopes had already been labeled and stamped by board members. Letters were pre-folded by the printers. We just needed to insert the letter and BEAA decal and seal them. Total expenses were $591.12 plus the man hours to label and stuff envelopes.  (supplies were #10 envelopes, return envelopes, copies printed and folded, postage stamps, laser printer labels for return addresses and mailing addresses).


Next meeting date is Monday, April 11th  6 pm- place to be determined.