BEAA Board Meeting Minutes 11-10-21


Bald Eagle Area Association

Board Meeting Minutes




Date / Time:

11-10-2021 at 6:00 pm CST


Carole Moore’s house

Approved   12-13-2021




Meg Rapheal (President)


Doug Mulder  (Vice President)


Antonette Alexander (Treasurer)


Carole Moore (Secretary)


Molly Ertle (Member at Large)


Jack Jungbauer (Member at Large


Sue Wade (Member at Large)


Nick Guzzo (Member at Large)


Deb Donovan (Member at Large)





Antonette made a motion to  approve the minutes from the September Board Meeting and the October Annual Meeting. It was seconded by Molly and approved by all.  Carole will put both meeting minutes on the website.


Antonette Alexander

Treasurer’s Report :

  • The BEAA 2022 budget will be finalized at the December meeting.
  • The bank balance is $93,900, plus the $50,000 in the NIRP fund.
    • Expenses include $105 for Boatworks Common Rental, $5000 grant payment to Brad Mason, $99 in Shopify fees, $30 refund to an Auction winner.
  • Antonette will send all board members the proposed 2022 budget and bring it in a spreadsheet format in case it needs editing at the December meeting.
  • It was discussed at the September meeting, that the board could consider offering Mike Kesti the full $5000 in BEAA shoreline grant funds. The $15k set aside for shoreline grants had been depleted by earlier applicants, leaving only $3715.30 left for him to receive, as shown below.   Antonette made a motion to fully grant $5000 to Mike Kesti (an additional amount of $1284.70).  This additional expenditure of $1284.70 will be pulled from our 2021 operating budget. Jack seconded the motion and it was approved by all.  Antonette will contact Mike to arrange payment to his landscape contractor.


Total Kesti Project Cost

RCWD Cost-Share Amount

30% BEAA up to 5K

Bal of $15,000 avail







  • We received notification regarding our annual membership in MN Lakes and Rivers. It was discussed and determined to be a good investment for BEAA.  Carole made a motion to renew the membership at $100/year. The motion was seconded by Meg and approved by all.  Antonette will make the payment.
  • Carole reported that we received no additional dues payments in October. Someone placed an order for glassware, but we have no inventory.  The refund will be processed through Shopify online in November.  Carole changed the website so no on can try to purchase glassware in the future.
  • It was determined that BEAA’s tax filing is due in May. Antonette will prepare the tax return.
  • Antonette will start working with Jack to transition her responsibilities to him by next fall when her term is done.

Meg Rapheal

President Report:

  • Annual Meeting:

Meg reported that she generally heard only good feedback regarding our meeting and stated the guest speakers were very informative.  All board members agreed and had received similar comments from those attending. There was discussion about how to draw more people to the annual meeting.  Meg suggested we borrow Steve McComas’ meeting title and use it to attract more members. The “State of the Lake” might be a catchy phrase and indicates there will be valuable/timely information provided at the meeting about our lake quality. It was suggested we try to be sure the guest speakers have what they need to use the AV equipment provided in the room, the full screen, etc.  Everyone thought Mike Doran did a good job of talking about the Bald Eagle lake community.


  • Goals for the year: Meg and Doug defined some 2022 goals including increasing the percentage of dues paying members, reaching out to community dock associations and increasing community engagement.
    • Dues paying members:

Meg indicated she and Doug had discussed trying to increase the number of households paying dues and that getting involvement from the community dock associations on Bald Eagle Lake may be one way to expand membership.  The dues amount for 2022 will be discussed at the December meeting and will start being requested next winter. There was some discussion about how we currently charge community dock members a lower rate than lakeshore homeowners. It was suggested that when we request dues for 2022, we provide information about what property taxes pay for versus what BEAA pays for to enhance water quality/clarity.


Carole will provide more information for the December meeting regarding the number of households paying from community docks vs. lakeshore homeowners,  various counties, etc.


  • Events/responsible person

Doug and Meg discussed trying to expand participation in managing our events by having a member of the board be a “lead” for an event and then trying to engage other homeowners to work on that committee/event, so all responsibilities aren’t taken on by only the board members themselves.  Carole had given some names of interested parties to Bart in the past.  Doug or Meg will check with him to see if he captured them.  Carole will find out the name of the party that moved into Brian Almstead’s house (the far north stone house on West Bald Eagle).  Someone remembered that they’d indicated interest in helping out. She will send that information to all board members.


The following events were listed. Dates TBD at the December meeting:

  • Music on the Lake
  • Annual Dinner (not in April 2022…. Too soon)
  • Annual Meeting
  • Spring (Triathlon/Food Trucks)
  • Winter – rink/oval
  • Gear products
  • Lake Clean Up
  • Booth at Township Days
  • Website maintenance


  • AIS Consultant

There was some question about whether Jim Ascheman is still interested in being our AIS expert.  Mike Doran was suggested as a possibility as was Kathy Fleming,  our current Zebra Mussel Coordinator.  Meg will contact Jim to determine his ongoing interest and then move forward with other options.



  • Doug welcomed new board member:

Doug welcomed Sue Wade and had her provide some information about her background, when she moved to the lake, etc.  All board members were happy to have her join the group and were interested in the fresh perspectives she can bring to BEAA.


  • Getting support from our membership:

Carole will draft a list of areas with which BEAA could use support, such as website maintenance, graphic design, membership drives, etc.  She will also draft a letter that could be sent out via email/Facebook etc., and will bring to the next board meeting.


  • By-laws:

It was brought up that our current by-laws may contain board members names, rather than just their positions.  Meg will get the most recent version of the By-Laws from Bart and Jack will review them and report back at the next meeting.  Meg will get Carole a copy of the most recent by-laws for our BEAA digital records.


  • Gear Store -open for holiday shopping?

Doug will contact Graffic Traffic regarding getting the store open online again around November 20th and adding some new items such as glasses, winter hats, winter ear bands, etc. Doug will let Carole know about products and timing. Carole will then send out an email blast, post it on FB and Next Door.  Nick could post on Instagram.



  • Carole texted Craig McNulty, insurance broker, to get Jack the information he was seeking regarding our insurance coverage. Craig has already confirmed to Carole that he will get the information requested.   Jack will review and report back at the December meeting.
  • Carole had inquired about how best to handle communications that come to her through Next Door, Facebook or BEAA email. Her immediate response to an inquiry can state “the board will discuss this and get back to you” as long as it’s nothing urgent. She could then bring it up at a future board meeting for discussion. If she does have a response in mind, she can propose it to the board via email for their approval or suggestions and wait for approval from Meg/Doug.  The issue arose after Carole was contacted through Next Door about BEAA’s concerns about the Bruce Vento trail around the lake and possible ramifications to water quality.  Carole referred the person to RCWD contacts Lauren Sampedro and Beth Carrano and stated no position on the issue from BEAA.  If something comes through that has a deadline, she will refer it to Doug/Meg for a quicker response, if needed.


At 8:30pm, Doug made a motion to adjourn.  It was seconded by Meg and approved by all.

MEETING DATES/DAYS HAVE CHANGED TO THE 2ND MONDAY OF THE MONTH.  Next meeting is Monday, December 13th, 6 pm at Doug Mulder’s home, 5320 Bald Eagle Blvd East.  Access his driveway off of Short Street.