BEAA Board Minutes 2-12-24

Bald Eagle Area Association

Board Meeting Minutes




Date / Time:

02-12-2024 6pm


Jack Jungbauer House

Approved   ________




Meg Rapheal (President)


Katie Philippi (Secretary elect)


Jack Jungbauer (Treasurer)


Carole Moore (Secretary)


Laura Shepler (Member at Large)


Jenn Anderson (Member at Large


Sue Wade (Member at Large)


Joe Boeser (Vice President)


Deb Donovan (Member at Large)


Brad Mason (Member at Large)




Joe made a motion to approve the January meeting minutes. The motion was seconded by Jenn and approved by all.   Carole will post them on the website.



Jack Jungbauer - Treasurer’s Report.

  • Jack shared updated budget.
  • Joe to be signer on checks as needed. Jack to set that up.
  • Jack to find a CPA or can BEAA be filed by Jack online
  • Jack to get another CD
  • Carole’s update on collections as of Feb 14:
    • $22,450 in dues. paid by 151 households = 36% 
    • $900 in general donations
    • $720 in Music on the Lake donations
    • $560 in paid dinners


Meg Rapheal – President’s Report

  • Dam/weir issues- 651-259-5732 – contact for north lake weir issues. Meg: No follow-up yet.
  • Washington County AIS Boat Launch Inspections:
    • Inspections report. Carole will have the media team to post on website.
    • We will partner again with WCD (Washinton Conservation District) at the same level as 2023 with $6000 allotment for inspections. Joe signed agreement with Washington Co
    • Does our allotment go towards the fishing tournaments? Fishing tournaments should cover their own costs. Meg will check.
    • Meg contacted Kristopher Lencowski at Ramsey County about the boat launch and extending the concrete portion of the ramp.  He shared 2 options: a $4K fix that is not permanent or a $300K plus cost for a permanent fix. Meg sent email.


Joe Boeser - Vice President Report

  • Joe ‘s plan to reach out to organizations/community docks on the lake.
    • Email blast to each president.
    • Invite all presidents to one meeting or different time slots
      • Let them know all we do. Quick 3 page PowerPoint (Meg sent a previous PowerPoint as a starting point). Then open the conversation for questions/concerns.
      • Katie /Carole Figure out from how many contributed.
      • Carole - do you need to be a BEAA member to get lakeshore grant?


  • Dock associations and their contact information.
    • Timber Hills – Hobe Lane = Tonya Grunewald - did not pay 2023 dues.
    • Spring Park Villa – SE Corner of the lake = Andi Arnesen - Pd 2023 dues.
    • West Oaks = Bobbi Kuik – – have not paid dues. Pd 2023 dues
    • Oak Park Shores – Ron Trudeau (per Laura) 651-429-5503. Carole only has email for Lori Trudeau at: Did not pay 2023 dues
    • Eagle Shores – no information. Carole will try to find a contact.


Music on the Lake – Jenn and Laura

  • Jenn reported contract signed. Provided signed copy to Katie.


Annual Dinner Report – Deb and Sue

  • Deb, Sue, Brad & Bridget Cavanaugh: met Jan 28 and we’ll start soliciting auction items and sponsorships soon
  • Sponsorships levels will be:
    • Muskie - $500+
    • Walleye - $250-499
    • Crappie - $100-249
  • Invites are done and the committee is mailing them the week of 2/26
  • The group decided to do a wine toss this year instead of the wine raffle for something new and fun
  • We are looking to get pricing from Graffic Traffic on dry bags to sell at the dinner and see if we can take orders for additional blankets
  • Melissa Telsrow will be updating the website with the dinner details and registration information



Graffic Traffic Store – Laura

  • order summary report Nov/Dec 2023- total sales $782.83
  • Shared dry bag information to be sold at annual dinner
  • Can coolers vs boat float key chains. Can coolers will be given as a gift to all dinner attendees


Annual Conflict of Interest sign off.  Carole to confirm


Bald Eagle has been delisted from the MPCA (Minnesota Pollution Control Agency) Impaired water list. This is a huge accomplishment! Carole will check if WB Press will do a press release.


Joe Motion to adjourn the meeting. Meg seconded and all approved.


 Next meeting. Monday March 18. 6PM Carole Moore’s house