BEAA Board Meeting Minutes 8-14-23

Bald Eagle Area Association

Board Meeting Minutes




Date / Time:

8-14-23 6:00 pm


Carole Moore’s  house

Approved   9/11/23




Meg Rapheal (President)


Doug Mulder  (Vice President)


Jack Jungbauer (Treasurer)


Carole Moore (Secretary)


Laura Shepler (Member at Large)


Jenn Anderson (Member at Large


Sue Wade (Member at Large)


Joe Boeser (Member at Large)


Deb Donovan (Member at Large)






Meg made a motion to approve the June meeting minutes.  Sue seconded and they were approved by all.  Carole will add them to the website. (There wasn’t a meeting in July.)


Jack Jungbauer - Treasurer’s Report


  • The bank balance as of 7/31/23 is $64,662. Of that, $20,227 is set aside for shoreline restoration work from 2022 and for 2023.
  • The NIRP fund reserve remains at $50,000.
  • $125k invested in short term-higher yield options: $50k in 13-month CD to 12/12/23. $25k in 7-month CD to 11/19/23. $50k in 13-month CD until 5/19/24.
  • Payments included: insurance, shoreline grants, Music on the Lake band and T-shirts, Credit Card fees and CPA.
  • Jack is still working with the CPA to finalize the IRS filings for form 990.
  • Boatworks Commons has been reserved for the annual meeting - October 19, 7 pm.
  • Carole did not report on dues and donations at the meeting, but the numbers are included below for the record:
    • $29,625 has been received in dues. 46% of homeowners have paid.
    • YTD $1175 has been received in general donations and $1110 was donated specifically for Music on the lake.
  • Carole will update the shoreline grants spreadsheet and send out to all board members showing grant payment dates and the landscape contractor used.


Meg Rapheal – President’s Report

  • Meg reported that several business owners on the lake have submitted their information to be added to the website. Carole has contacted our web team to get that set up as a new menu item “Lake Owner Businesses” or something similar.  Carole will send out FB and email notices regarding this new information once the web team confirms the set-up is complete.
  • Meg asked Jack to prepare a summary financial report for the annual meeting in October. Jack will bring it to the September meeting for board review.
  • Meg will create an agenda for the annual meeting.
  • Meg brought up the Adopt a Drain program and all agreed that it should be brought up again as a reminder. Carole will post it on FB and send out an email.
  • The members present were asked to consider possible new board members. One at large and one to shadow Carole in the year ahead. She’s done October of 2024.
  • Kathy Fleming no longer wants to coordinate the zebra mussel tracking. Meg contacted Chris and Dawn Hiniker and they agreed to take over for Kathy.  Meg let Kathy know and Kathy will contact Hinikers for transition.  Kathy will keep us posted on the transition process.
  • Meg will ask Kathy Fleming to speak at the annual meeting and the Board will acknowledge her contribution with the Zebra Mussel Trackers for these past years.
  • Meg stated Steve McComas will be available for the annual meeting this year, along with Matt Kocien.
  • Meg has asked Matt to get possible alum boost treatment information to the board before our next meeting, so we can discuss it and plan before the annual meeting.
  • Carole was asked to pursue printing of a one-sided note card the Board could use for thank you cards or other personal communications. It was agreed that we should use the same photo that’s on our website banner.  Carole will investigate further and get pricing and a mock up.


Doug Mulder - Vice President Report

  • It was discussed that we should continue to reach out to other dock associations individually, to try to determine how we can support each other.
  • Joe suggested getting all of the dock association presidents to a meeting to ask what they’d like from us.
  • Meg suggested we determine what community dock members dues are used for. With that knowledge, we may better be able to market the benefits of paying dues to BEAA.
  • There are many Music on the Lake T-shirts left. They will be sold at the annual meeting for $10/each.
  • Everyone who has annual meeting signs are asked to bring them to the September meeting. Meg will bring white duct tape .


Annual Dinner Report

  • Deb was not present at the meeting, but sent the final dinner income numbers to the board earlier.
    • Attendance was down by approximately 30 people, however net income for the event was relatively consistent at approximately $12,000.


Music on the Lake – Jenn and Laura

  • Jenn and Laura reported that the event went well, except for some issues with the electrical.
  • A feedback email was discussed by the board.
  • There was discussion about using Free and Easy again for next year’s event. All were in favor.  The date would be July 6th, the Saturday AFTER the 4th.  Place TBD. Jenn will contact the band.


New Business:

  • Carole mentioned the idea of getting small BEAA logo flags made. There is a small WBL flag on a mailbox on Bald Eagle Blvd W, south of H2.  They would be less expensive and easier to mount than the full-size flags.
  • Jack suggested a possible “swap meet” type event in the spring, perhaps on the same day as “Trash to Treasure”. Perhaps people have old dock sections they want to get rid of, aluminum boats that could be turned in for scrap metal, etc.  Others suggested it could be an Eagle Scout project or church Youth Group project.  Carole will add this idea to the January agenda.


Jack made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 7:50 p.m. Doug seconded and all approved.



Next meeting 9/11/23, 6 pm at Carole Moore’s house