BEAA Board Meeting Minutes 7-12-22

Bald Eagle Area Association

Board Meeting Minutes




Date / Time:

7-12-22 6:00 pm


Jack Jungbauer’s  house

Approved   8-8-22




Meg Rapheal (President)-


Doug Mulder  (Vice President) – via phone


Antonette Alexander (Treasurer)


Carole Moore (Secretary)


Molly Ertle (Member at Large)


Jack Jungbauer (Member at Large


Sue Wade (Member at Large)


Nick Guzzo (Member at Large)


Deb Donovan (Member at Large)






Carole will double check that the June minutes have been updated per Meg’s comments and will get approval via e-mail or at the next meeting.


Antonette Alexander – she was absent so no report/updates were not presented.

Treasurer’s Report

  • Payments/Reimbursements:
    • $______________________________
  • The bank balance is _____________
  • The NIRP Fund Balance is $____________

Dues Payments to date by Carole Moore

  • As of 7/12/22, $32,525 has been received in dues payments.  52% of lakeshore homeowners or those with deeded access have paid dues.  $1800 in donations was received YTD.
  • In 2021 at year end, we had received $27,550 in dues from 201 households and $2090 in donations.
  • We received $885 donations for music on the lake by online payments or venmo, plus any cash donations to be reported by Antonette.  In addition, $760 was raised from the paddleboard/yoga event to apply towards the Music event expenses.
  • As of this date, we received $2700 for dinner reservations for 29 people.


Meg Rapheal – President’s Report

  • Meg has given the gifts to the web development team and Allison Drusch.
  • Ramsey County Sheriffs were on the lake during the fireworks, but they did not charge for their time.
  • Donations for the fireworks covered the cost of the show.
  • Meg asked the board for permission for the Pyro team to have a large display board at the annual dinner to show how things went, expenses, donations, etc. All approved the idea.
  • Meg brought up discussion about exiting term members and thinking about possible replacements. Carole will get Meg a list of the board members and when their terms started. Cheryl Baden and Brad Mason were mentioned as possible replacements for Nick and Molly.
  • Carole will contact Matt Kocien regarding the letter received from Tom Weyandt in regards to runoff issues from the new high school under construction.
  • There was discussion about people’s concern for a missing buoy. It was clarified that the missing buoy was from the rock pile on the northeast side of the lake.  Katy Robinson of Pontoons on Bald Eagle retrieved it from the north end and put it back into place.  Carole had investigated the issue with the DNR and Ramsey County Water Patrol.  It was determined that Ramsey County Public Works is in charge of marker buoys.
  • Adopt-a-drain signs are up. BEAA hasn’t received much response.  The only way to determine if the drains are getting adopted is to go to their website and locate those where signs were placed to determine if any have been adopted.


Doug Mulder - Vice President Report


  • The recent Graffic Traffic online store sales brought in a gross amount of $2000, so BEAA will earn $300 from that.
  • Doug has ordered a corn hole game for the silent auction and he stated Graffic Traffic may donate something as well.
  • Doug ordered 80 sets of recycled wine bottle logo glasses to be sold at the annual dinner.  They cost $16/pair, the price we will sell them for may be $30-$32/pair.  These will be set up for sale near the wine raffle. Sue Wades’ daughters will be handling those sales.
  • Steve McComas and Matt Kocien have been contacted about our annual meeting, but are not yet confirmed.
  • Doug reported that after inspection, it was determined no treatment for milfoil is required this year.
  • PO Box rental is $173 per year. Doug will get that set up so BEAA has a permanent official address and payments could be submitted to that address if preferred by the person processing them.


Nick Guzzo and Molly Ertle- Music on the Lake

  • Good feedback was received from all who commented/attended. It appears this year’s band was perceived as the best so far.
  • It was suggested that next year there be assigned committee members to organize set up and clean up.
  • There may be consideration for providing food next year.
  • Nick will ask Brad Mason for a receipt for reimbursing him for beverage purchases.


Annual Dinner – Deb and Sue

  • Deb and Sue created spreadsheets for tasks, assignments and auction items.
  • Sue’s daughters will do the wine raffle and wine glass sales and were asked to arrive by 5 pm.
  • Board members brought their liquor and wine contributions to the July meeting. Doug and Antonette were absent, so will get theirs to Sue for storage until the event, as will
  • It will be determined at a later date whether Carole will provide a case of wine or not, depending on other contributions.
  • Doug will pick up and return the bistro tables.
  • Evelyn Duvall has been confirmed as the event volunteer photographer.
  • The auction and raffles will be in the Fireside Room
  • The buffet will be set up where the auction has been in the past, providing space for 2 buffet lines and it will be set up with more stations.
  • Dellwood staff will release tables, to minimize the need for long lines.
  • Invitations went out via USPS, Mail Chimp, Facebook , Instagram and Next Door the week of the 4th of July. Deb has scheduled reminder emails and has shared the schedule with Carole  and Meg for Facebook,  Next Door and Instagram.
  • Sue ordered plexiglass stands for the auction signs. They can be re-used from year to year. 
  • Carole brought pens, markers, name tags for attendees and name tags for the board to the July meeting. Sue will bring everything the day of the event.
  • Carole will bring some clip-on lights, if needed for check in and check out.
  • It will be determined whether or not we send personal thank you’s vs. just the WB Press Thank You Ad.
  • All board members available should be at Dellwood on the day of the event at 10 am to set up and back again at 5 pm for final prep.
  • Jack and Jeanne will wipe down and set up the centerpieces that day.
  • At the end of the auction, some board members will close the Fireside Room until all auction winners have been determined, then re-open for them to get their items and check out.
  • Carole will hand out any gift cards or certificates as people check out.
  • There will be 2 squares available, venmo payment options and a link to pay through BEAA’s shopify account.
  • Dellwood may provide free valet parking.


Shoreline Grants - Carole

  • As of 7/12 communication with Jennifer at RCWD, not BEAA shoreline grants have yet been approved by RCWD.




At 8:00 Meg made a motion to adjourn, it was seconded by and approved by all.


Next meeting is August 8th, 6 pm at Carole’s house.