BEAA Board Meeting Minutes 6-13-22

Bald Eagle Area Association

Board Meeting Minutes




Date / Time:

6-13-22 6:00 pm


Carole Moore’s house

Approved   8-8-22




Meg Rapheal (President)-


Doug Mulder  (Vice President)


Antonette Alexander (Treasurer)


Carole Moore (Secretary)


Molly Ertle (Member at Large)


Jack Jungbauer (Member at Large


Sue Wade (Member at Large)


Nick Guzzo (Member at Large)


Deb Donovan (Member at Large)





Web team volunteer Kelly Moore was at the meeting to present the new website design and explain the changes.  Melissa Telsrow is also on the team, but was ill so couldn’t attend.  It was agreed that all board members would send a candid shot of themselves for the website. Send the photo and the year you moved to the lake to Carole by 6/20/22. She will forward to the web team. 


Meg will arrange a thank you gift for the web team of Melissa and Kelly, as well as one for Allison Drusch who managed the Summer Kick Off Paddleboard/Yoga event.



Meg made a motion to approve the May minutes. The motion was seconded by Molly and approved by all.


Antonette Alexander

Treasurer’s Report

  • Payments/Reimbursements:
    • $29 monthly Shopify fee, $165 return adjustment, $262 for Music on the Lake signs/water bottles.
  • The bank balance is $108,977.
  • The NIRP Fund Balance is $50,052.
  • Antonette is working with a tax advisor and the extension for Form 990 has been filed. She met with a CPA in May for electronic filing.


Dues Payments to date by Carole Moore

  • As of 6/12/22, $31,925 has been received in dues payments.  51% of lakeshore homeowners or those with deeded access have paid dues.  $1800 in donations was received YTD.
  • In 2021 at year end, we had received $27,550 in dues from 201 households and $2090 in donations.


Meg Rapheal – President’s Report

  • Meg reported that 27 people were at the Yoga section of the Kick Off Summer event; 17 paddled from the Boat Launch to Birch Park via Molly Ertle’s home. $760 was raised from this event.
  • Meg opened discussion about BEAA paying for sheriff water patrols for the 4th of July, to ensure boaters stay the required distance away from the lighting area. After some discussion, Doug made a motion to pay up to $500 for sheriff’s patrols on July 4th.  Molly seconded the motion and it was approved by a majority.
  • Meg asked that consideration be given to advance planning for board members leaving next fall, so candidates can be nominated who will replace those skills and talents being lost. This will be on the July meeting agenda.
  • It was discussed that guest speakers for our annual meeting in October need to be contacted to get on their calendars. Doug will contact Steve McComas and Matt Kocien.


Doug Mulder - Vice President Report


  • The recent Graffic Traffic online store sales brought in a gross amount of $2000, so BEAA will earn $300 from that. Doug brought samples of  Refresh Glass wine glasses made from recycled wine bottles.  Our logo would be added.  They are purchased for $15/pair.  The minimum order is 2 dozen. Sue, Meg and Deb will discuss the possibility of selling them at the annual dinner.
  • Molly brought the Adopt-A-Drain signs. Meg and Doug will place them around the lake. Meg and Doug will record the addresses of where signs were placed so we can track if any got adopted.  One of them will send Carole a photo of the sign for use in posting to Facebook, Next Door and via MailChimp email.
  • Doug reported that Matt Kocien provided a map of areas of the lake treated for Curly Leaf Pondweed in 2022. Carole will put this on Facebook and send to the website team for posting there.  The Eurasian Milfoil survey will be completed soon.  Antonette made a motion to approve possible Eurasian Milfoil weed treatments, as determined by the DNR and Rice Creek Watershed.  The motion was seconded by Carole and approved by all.
  • PO Box rental is $173 per year. Doug will get that set up so BEAA has a permanent official address and payments could be submitted to that address if preferred by the person processing them.


Nick Guzzo - Music on the Lake

  • The signs for the event went up on June 1st.
  • Beth Artner cannot facilitate a permit to close Bald Eagle Blvd East near the event, because it is a Ramsey County Road.
  • Jack, Steve, Meg and Nick will set up tents around 10 a.m. on 7/2. Brad Mason will help.
  • Brad will be asked to bring water and beer for the band. He can request reimbursement from BEAA.
  • Bart Crockett will provide 8 Jersey Mike’s sandwiches for the band. Nick will remind him.
  • Carole tested a Venmo payment with Antonette and it worked fine. The gross payments are reduced by a fee on business accounts Venmo account is @BEAA2021.
  • Mike Doran will be asked to provide a boat and some people to collect cash and promote venmo payments during the event. Meg asked him. He is getting back to us.
  • Carole will ask Adam Moore if he can take some drone pictures during the event.
  • Carole will also contact Adam regarding large buoys to mark off the special spot for the Reeds, who won the close parking spot prize from paying dues by April 15th. Nick will get the buoys from Adam in advance.
  • Molly will be in charge of contacting Reed’s about their boat in spot.
  • At intermission, Nick will promote Venmo donations.
  • A motion was proposed by Jack to approve an event insurance policy. It was seconded by Meg and approved by all. “Whereas the general liability insurance policy for the Bald Eagle Area Association (BEAA) has specifically excluded an event, Music on the Lake, And whereas, The Philadelphia Insurance Companies has offered to provide an event policy for Music on the Lake on July 2, 2022 for $176.00 And whereas the Board believes it is important to have insurance for this event Resolved that the President of BEAA is authorized to apply for a policy and the Treasurer is authorized to pay for Policy EV92563, Special Event Policy.”


Sue Wade – Annual Dinner

  • Molly confirmed that Dave Bossard will be our Dellwood sponsor.
  • Carole will send Melissa Telsrow the graphics from our last year’s signs for her to update and Molly will get 12 printed.
  • Deb is designing the invitations which will go out via USPS and Mail Chimp, and Carole will post on FB and Next Door.
  • Carole will create the address labels, labels addressed to her home for dinner payments and return labels for all envelopes.
  • Sue will purchase the needed envelopes for the dinner mailing, the postage stamps and add 200 small envelopes to her purchase for the “Ten Times” game during the annual dinner.
  • Sue Wade will ask Evelyn Duvall to be our event photographer again this year.
  • The wine raffle needs a sales person.
  • Deb has the word document version of the bid sheets, which have typically been printed by UPS, WBL.
  • Board members are reminded to bring a nice bottle of liquor and a nice bottle of wine to the July meeting for the liquor/wine raffles.
  • Jack will run the Ten Times game again this year.
  • Kristi Gavin will run the Liquor Raffle again.
  • The use of QR codes for payments is being investigated.


At 8:15, Doug made a motion to adjourn, it was seconded by Antonette and approved by all.


Next meeting is July 11th at Jack Jungbauer’s house, 12122 Everton Ave N, 6 pm.