BEAA Board Meeting Minutes 3-13-23

Bald Eagle Area Association

Board Meeting Minutes




Date / Time:

3-13-23 6:00 pm


Carole Moore’s  house

åApproved   4-10-23_




Meg Rapheal (President) via phone


Doug Mulder  (Vice President) via phone


Jack Jungbauer (Treasurer)


Carole Moore (Secretary)


Laura Shepler (Member at Large)


Jenn Anderson (Member at Large


Sue Wade (Member at Large)


Joe Boeser (Member at Large)


Deb Donovan (Member at Large)






Meg made a motion to approve the February Board meeting minutes. It was seconded by Doug and approved by all.  Carole will add them to the website.


Jack Jungbauer - Treasurer’s Report


  • The bank balance as of 2/28/23 is $129,577. Of that, $35,000 is set aside for shoreline restoration work from 2022 and for 2023, so cash available at month end is $94,202.
    • In February, $131 was paid out for annual dinner signs; $285 was paid for postage.
    • The NIRP fund reserve remains at $50,000.
    • Jack reported that he is still working with the IRS to clear up the tax return issue. He stated we need to pay an additional fee.
    • Jack will contact Craig McNulty regarding an insurance rider policy for Music on the Lake now that the location has been determined to be Bart Crockett’s.
  • Carole reported on dues and donations received as of noon 3-12-23:
    • $27,225 was received in dues from 179 households, 43% of homeowners have paid.
    • $1175 was received in general donations and $1030 was donated specifically for Music on the lake.
    • $3600 was received for 45 annual dinner reservations.
    • It was decided the winner of the dues drawing for BEAA logo gear, Scott and MaryLynn Rappa, would receive $100 towards products.


Meg Rapheal – President’s Report

  • BEAA has signed an agreement with Washington County to cover more hours for boat inspections. BEAA is paying $6000 for 188 hours of inspections. Ramsey County is planning for 150 hours of inspections.
  • Meg is waiting for a draft of a letter from Justin, requesting volunteers for eDNA testing on Bald Eagle Lake.  He’d like about 10 volunteers.  The project would be coordinated through the U of MN Aquatic Invasive Species Center.  When an approved letter is ready to go out, Carole will send it through Mail Chimp, Next Door and Facebook.  Volunteers would be NOT contacting BEAA, but would directly contact the volunteer coordinator for the project.
  • Meg asked for any additional feedback on her statement of activities of BEAA and how they relate to the new mission statement. Deb will send to Melissa to ask her to add the lake background to the document.   Meg

will make arrangements to have the statement on display at the annual dinner.

  • Discussion continued this month regarding contacting business owners who live on Bald Eagle Lake and asking them if they’d like to be listed on the website. We could add their links, logos, contact information, etc. The board wants to give lake homeowners more information about their neighbors’ businesses and create more community around that information. It was agreed to move forward with notifying association members after the annual dinner, with the knowledge that we can still determine some parameters around who will be listed on the website.
    • Board members agreed that we would not allow businesses to run ads or promotions on the website. If we provide links, there should be a “speed bump” involved to notify users that they are leaving the BEAA website.
    • A statement would need to be included saying we are not sponsoring or recommending any of the businesses listed.
    • Carole will send out the following letter via Mail Chimp and Facebook after the annual dinner.



Bald Eagle Lake Association Members:


As Board members of the Bald Eagle Lake Association (BEAA), we have been brainstorming ideas around two goals; one, getting BEAA members to visit our website more frequently and two, building a stronger lake community. 


We are wondering if a listing of various businesses owned by supporting BEAA members, would be something of interest?   We could add a “Businesses owned by Bald Eagle Lake Supporting Members” page to the BEAA Website, including contact information, links, business logos, etc.  Would you be interested in this option?  We’d appreciate your feedback. We will gather feedback from the various interested businesses and decide on next steps.  Please send any comments or feedback to


Thanks in advance for your thoughts on this.

Meg Rapheal



Doug Mulder - Vice President Report – Doug was not present for the meeting, but called in to participate.

    • Doug contacted the group, Fishing for Life, regarding the contest. He had trouble reaching Don Magistad. Carole will try to get updated contact info from one of his neighbors or Doug could put a note in Don’s mailbox when he’s back in town.  Doug contacted the fishing coach for WBL high school and will meet with him in April.  He has also been in touch with Nelson Marine. It appears BEAA would need a permit from the DNR to run a contest. There may be a limit of 2 kids per boat and a limit to the number of boats allowed. There is also a licensing question. If parents have a fishing license, children under 15 can fish with the parents without their own license, but that would probably not be the case for this contest.  Per Doug, this may be more complicated than we initially thought.  It was suggested to possibly fish off the docks, but for a contest, that wouldn’t provide great outcomes for those fishing.  Doug will keep investigating.
    • Justin is aware that zebra mussels have been identified in the lake this fall. Doug will follow up with Justin to see if that lake condition gets us additional funding for inspection hours.



Annual Dinner Report –Deb and Sue


  • All board members are asked to bring a quality bottle of liquor and a nice bottle of wine to Deb’s house for the April meeting.
  • Deb is checking into alternate vendors for products to sell that night, possibly blankets and candles.
  • The extra recycled bottle wine glasses will be sold at the dinner.
  • Liquor will be in a cart. The wine will probably be in a basket.
  • Doug will donate the liquor cart and try to get one with the BEAA logo on it.
  • Doug will check into opening the Graffic Traffic Store before the dinner.
  • Deb and Sue are meeting with Dellwood to finalize the menu on 3/22/23.
  • Deb, Carole and Meg will continue to send out reminders to sign up for the dinner.
  • Joe has the signs and Deb will get them set up when the weather permits.
  • We don’t need to rent bistro tables this year as Dellwood now owns enough.
  • Doug was asked and agreed to donate a corn hole game again this year.
  • Sue gave an update on some of the already received silent auction items.


Board members will be helping with the following items on the day of the dinner:

  • Jack will help sell 10X game. Carole will bring the 10x envelopes to Dellwood during morning set up.
  • Meg – will bring new mission statement related activities document for display.
  • Carole will bring board member name tags, a bag of pens and name tags from guests at the annual dinner.
  • Deb has drink tickets
  • Sue will ask Sue Morrisette and Vicky Baker to work check in.
  • Sue will bring the tub with sharpies, tape, scissors, misc. supplies
  • CC scanners – Deb will contact Adam Moore to borrow his squares and have him help set them up.
    • All available board members are asked to help with set up at 10:00 a.m. (approximately 2 hours)
    • Board members should arrive at 5:00 p.m. to help with any last-minute items and greet guests
    • Silent Auction Check-Out
      • Jenn and Joel will stand at Fireside Room door until check out begins to stagger entry
      • Sue and Laura will help guests find and carry items to check-out
      • Check-out – Deb, Meg, Bridget, Cheryl & Carole
      • Doug and Joe will help with guest departure, carry items, troubleshoot valet

Music on the Lake – Jenn and Laura

  • Bart Crockett has agreed to host Music on the Lake. The address is 5308 Bald Eagle Blvd E.
  • Jenn/Laura will get the contract, have Joe review it, and get it signed.
  • Jenn has been communicating with Jimmy Rodriguez. They don’t need payment until the day of the event.
  • Meg stated Bart may donate Jersey Mike’s and the board will provide beverages and water for the band. Jenn should follow up with Bart.
  • The band requested a 16’ x 20’ stage. There will be 9 people performing.  Jenn will follow up with them to see if they really need a stage if the ground is flat. They also need 2 house circuits or a generator.
    • Jenn/Laura will get pictures of the lawn area once the snow is gone, and discuss staging needs with the band.
  • Doug will check to see if we could rent dock sections to use as a stage or perhaps White Bear Rental has something we could use.


Jack made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 7:45 p.m. Laura seconded and all approved.


Next meeting 4/10/23, 6 pm at Deb’s house.  – remember to bring liquor and wine for the dinner.