BEAA Board Meeting Minutes 12-22-2022

Bald Eagle Area Association

Board Meeting Minutes




Date / Time:

12-12-22 6:00 pm


Carole Moore’s  house

Approved   1-9-2023




Meg Rapheal (President) – Via phone


Doug Mulder  (Vice President)


Jack Jungbauer (Treasurer)


Carole Moore (Secretary)


Laura Shepler (Member at Large)


Jenn Anderson (Member at Large


Sue Wade (Member at Large)


Joe Boeser (Member at Large)


Deb Donovan (Member at Large)





Kathy Fleming, our AIS specialist, was present to discuss our zebra mussel findings from last fall.   She explained to our new board members that Jim Ascheman (former board member) built tracking plates to collect evidence of zebra mussels.  These plates hang off docks and volunteers are asked to check them regularly and report any findings to Kathy.  There are about 70 people with tracking devices, but per Kathy, not all of them are active observers nor do they all report back to her as requested.  Kathy also presented some pictures of zebra mussels.  She stated that zebra mussels often attach to dock and boat lift posts, as well as other flat surfaces such as plants, the “lily pad” type flotation devices, loons, float planes, etc.  They can be treated with copper sulfate, but that chemical is hazardous to other plants and fish, etc.


Zebra Mussels were found last fall, at 5449 Bald Eagle Blvd West, when the docks and lifts were removed for the season.  Kathy was contacted, the DNR made a positive ID and Kathy has been in communication with April Longo at the DNR about whether or not there is anything BEAA can do to prevent further infestations.  Kathy reminded us that a zebra mussel had been found on a detection plate on the south side of the lake more than 4 years ago, and the discovery this fall is the first new one to our knowledge.  Because we only had one infestation many years ago, Kathy had tried to get the DNR to remove us from the “infested lake” list, but it now appears we are infested and can probably expect more mussels to be found in the future.


Kathy said the best thing to do if anyone does find one, is to keep it in lake water until it can be identified.  The DNR also does DNA testing to determine the source of the particular infestation.  They can tell what lake/body of water it came from.


Kathy has also been in touch with the Minnesota Aquatic Invasive Research Center at the U of MN.  They currently do not have any studies available to further investigate infestations in Bald Eagle Lake.


Kathy had several recommendations for BEAA going forward:

  • In the fall, notify ALL homeowners to watch for zebra mussels when docks and lifts come out. This notification should be sent to all lake homeowners, not just dues paying members of BEAA.
  • She recommends we let our homeowners know that we have had another discovery of zebra mussels. Kathy will draft a letter we can use to notify all lake homeowners about the issue.
  • In the spring, we should communicate with those that have detectors on their docks and if they aren’t interested in participating, perhaps we can move them to another homeowner who will inspect them and report to Kathy regularly.
  • BEAA could create a separate email address group to periodically remind those with detectors to check them and report in.
  • It was suggested we hand out more detectors or provide more information about zebra mussels at the spring annual dinner.


Meg reminded the board that we have increased our boat launch inspections for 2023, basically doubling our 2022 funding. Because we are considered infested, Washington County will give us 140 hours of boat launch inspections. Doug will contact Justin Townsend to let him know about the zebra mussel finding and ensure he takes it into consideration when  Ramsey County schedules their BE lake boat launch inspection plan.




Meg made a motion to approve the November Board meeting minutes. It was seconded by Sue and approved by all.  Carole will add them to the website.


Jack Jungbauer - Treasurer’s Report

  • The bank balance as of 11/30/22 is $117,364
    • There are 2 outstanding checks: Dellwood, $750 and Doug Mulder Reimbursement, $102.40.
    • Shopify fees paid were $184.
    • The $50,000 NIRP fund CD came due. It is now in a 12-month CD at 3.03% interest.
    • The 2023 shoreline restoration reserve remains at $20,000.
  • Jack presented a proposed 2023 budget. It was noted to increase the funds for boat launch inspections to $6,000.  Carole made a motion to accept the proposed budget with the inspection funding to be at $6,000. The motion was seconded by Sue and the 2023 budget was approved by all.
  • Jack is in contact with the IRS regarding the 2022 tax return. Evidently there was a box that was checked in error which classified  BEAA as a private entity. Jack is working on getting it corrected.


Meg Rapheal – President’s Report

  • Annual Dues Letter – Carole reported that all envelopes are addressed and stamped, they just need to be stuffed with the dues letter. Each member will take some home with them to finish processing the mailing.  It was decided to mail them out on January 9.
  • Annual meeting attendance numbers – Carole has tracked 2021 and 2022 we’ll track it going forward
  • Meg reported that she’s been in touch with Matt Kocien about the possibility of an alum treatment boost. It would not happen until 2024, as RCWD would need time to design a plan, make a proposal and get funds set up in their budget. We could use the Special Taxing District to fund any portions assigned to BEAA, if needed. Matt will be testing areas next spring for possible high phosphorous levels and will then put together his proposed  treatment plan..  The BOD will then discuss his plan options and decide on the plan forward.
  • Meg and Matt are communicating about any remaining funds from our taxing district. Meg reads Matt’s financial reporting as indicating we may have $22,194.77 still available to BEAA however we need this confirmed by Matt.
  • Spring Clean Up – Sue and/or Deb will contact Kevin Lund to see if he can be there with his trailer and take trash to his business dumpster. If Kevin agrees, a date needs to be set so we can notify homeowners. The date for lake clean up would be March 4th, the 1st Saturday after fish houses need to be off the lake. 
  • There was some discussion about BEAA organizing an event for MN Hockey Day. Meg stated that Angie Cunningham is the event coordinator and Sue suggested perhaps BEAA could volunteer to help out with some events. Sue will contact Nick Guzzo about getting Angie’s contact info.
  • Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) spring event – Meg contacted Allison Drusch and she is willing to help again in 2023.
  • Meg has been in touch with Steve McComas about a “No Child Left Inside” activity for next summer. We would probably have an event in mid-June at the Ramsey County Park.  Matt Kocien would help, as well.  Meg will be talking with them again later this winter.  
  • The new Welcome Letter was discussed.  Carole will change the font color on the links for Facebook, Instagram and the website to blue, so they will be more noticeable.  The latest annual dues letter will be included in the welcome mailing.  Doug made a motion to approve the new Welcome Letter. The motion was seconded by Jenn and approved by all.  Related to the welcome letter, discussion ensued about whether to add various organization’s contact information to our website.  Possibilities include the Bald Eagle Children’s Hospital Association Guild, the Bald Eagle Yacht Club, possible contacts for water skiers or ice boaters, etc. Meg will draft a letter we can send out to ask if lake related organizations would want to be listed on our website.
  • All Board Members are encouraged to find out the names of the presidents of the community dock associations.  Hobe Lane’s is Tanya Grunewald.  Those living near community docks  could ask around and report back at our next meeting.  We could then invite those leaders to meet/greet the board to encourage more participation and financial support from those groups. Carole will contact someone from Spring Park Villa docks to get the name of their president and will see if Antonette knows who is in charge of Oak Park Shores (?) near her. The president of West Oaks is Bobbi Kuik (
  • Carole made a motion to approve the BEAA 2023 Shoreline Restoration document. It was decided to add our website address to the document. Carole will make the change to the document. With that change approved, the motion was seconded by Deb and the document was approved by all.  Carole will send it to our web team, Melissa/Kelly, for updating on the website.


Doug Mulder - Vice President Report

  • Graffic Traffic results. Doug reported that just over $1000 in orders was received from the last store opening, so BEAA will get about $150. It was not a lucrative event.  Discussion centered around the fact that perhaps the market is saturated.  Jenn mentioned that the products available didn’t suit what her children might be interested in wearing.
  • Adopt a Drain – hose under road. There was some discussion around this.  Sue has adopted that drain. The only question might be whether Ramsey County would approve or disapprove of the hose situation.
  • Doug mentioned that Rapala might be a sponsor for the kids fishing contest. He is still in discussions regarding this.
  • Doug stated he received SAFL baffle information from Jim Ascheman, but did not report on it at the meeting.


Annual Dinner Report – Sue and Deb

  • Deb and Sue mentioned that they expect 75-80% of the donors from 2022 to donate to the silent auction for 2023.


Music on the Lake – Jenn and Laura

  • Jenn stated we need to determine a location. It was suggested that Bart Crockett might host it.  Carole gave Jenn his contact information and she will get in touch with him.
  • Jenn asked about whether or not a generator would be needed. That depends on the band, so we might need to rent one again in 2023.


Doug made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 7:55.  Jack seconded and all approved.


Next meeting 1/9/23, 6 pm at Carole’s house.