BEAA Board Meeting Minutes 1-10-22

Bald Eagle Area Association

Board Meeting Minutes




Date / Time:

1-10-22 at 6:00 pm CST


Carole Moore’s house

Approved  2-15-22




Meg Rapheal (President)


Doug Mulder  (Vice President) (remotely)


Antonette Alexander (Treasurer)


Carole Moore (Secretary)


Molly Ertle (Member at Large) (remotely)


Jack Jungbauer (Member at Large


Sue Wade (Member at Large)


Nick Guzzo (Member at Large)


Deb Donovan (Member at Large)





Jack made a motion to  approve the minutes from the December Board Meeting. It was seconded by Meg and approved by all.  Carole will put the meeting minutes on the website.


THE NEXT MEETING DATE IS TUESDAY, 2/15, 6 PM AT CAROLE’S.  The date was changed due to Valentine’s Day being on our normal meeting night.


Antonette Alexander was absent so no report was available.

Antonette will send out the proposed final draft of the 2022 budget to all board members so it can be reviewed again before the next meeting.


Meg Rapheal

President’s Report:

Meg will draft a letter requesting dues payments.  It was determined it should go out to all names on our list, rather than just lake homeowners.  Carole will send out the email filtered and to only those who are lake homeowners or have deeded property on a community dock. Volunteers from the board will stuff and mail the dues letter.  Discussion was held regarding whether or not to include the “We need your help” volunteer support letter.  It was not decided upon at the meeting. The dues letter will include information about what dues funds are supporting and about upcoming events. There will be a drawing from those who’ve paid their dues by 4/15, for 2 free tickets to the annual dinner, a premier spot at Music on the Lake and a BEAA logo item. Carole will add a “date pd” column to her data base for this purpose.  Dues will be a flat rate of $150/household.


Carole will get the necessary mailing supplies, print the address and return address labels and purchase stamps. We will gather March 16th to stuff envelopes and get the letters mailed out.  Carole will update the dues paying “button” on the website for 2022 flat rate dues of $150.  Once the dues letter is finalized and approved, Carole will get that out via email and on Facebook and NextDoor.


Kathy Bradley and Jody McCormick will be invited to our Board meeting on 2/15 to discuss ways to broaden our membership.  They have volunteered to spearhead those efforts.  


Lake Clean Up:

Carole will forward Kevin Lund’s communications to Meg.  Meg will contact Kevin and Kathy Hawk regarding the event   and will invite Kevin (and Kathy?) to the next board meeting on 2/15 to discuss details. Clean-up will be March 5th or 6th.



MN Lakes and Rivers Survey: 

Meg suggested she, Doug and Carole get together to complete the survey and respond to their request for feedback on fundraising.


Annual Dinner:

Meg reported that 8/18 is confirmed for the annual dinner. Food choices need to be made by 7/28 and final numbers need to be in to Laura, at Dellwood, by 7/11. (Carole commenting…. We often have many who don’t reply by 5 weeks in advance of the event,  so we may need to “guesstimate”.)


Shoreline Grants funds for 2022:

Carole will send out an email of the 2022 Shoreline Grant document she presented, which was approved.  Carole will also send out the approved article she created for the White Bear Press.  Carole will also add the 2022 Shoreline Grant document to the website under “news” blogs. Deb Donovan offered to help her with updating the website.  Carole will also add the “volunteer request” letter to the website.  Carole will get the “volunteer request letter” and information for 2022 shoreline grants on Facebook and Nextdoor, as well.  


Annual Meeting Date - Jack volunteered to contact Boatworks Commons to reserve October 13th  for the Annual Meeting.


Doug Mulder - Vice President - attending remotely.

Doug communicated with White Bear Township regarding having a booth at Township Days.  Information will be available in February and Lisa Beecroft, from the Township, will send him information when available.  Her contact info is: Lisa Beecroft, 612-250-4991.


Doug also reported that the cost of a PO Box at the UPS store would be $372 for 14 months, if pre-paid. ($~27/mo).


Doug reported the last Graffic Traffic store sale brought in about $2000 in sales, of which BEAA receives 15%. It was suggested that the store items be reviewed and that new items be added so that homeowners can have new choices available as this process goes on, otherwise people will have purchased what they want and won’t continue shopping. The board needs to decide on the next open store date, which should precede Music on the Lake for funding purposes.


Nick Guzzo - Music on the Lake

Nick investigated some possible performers for Music on the Lake.  Tim Sigler, Martin Zeller, Generation Rock and Starlet’s Web were some he mentioned.  Starlet’s Web would charge $2700 including a sound technician and would require a $500 deposit.  He sent the board links to their website and the board was largely positive about using them.


Meg suggested perhaps Brandon Bonin, a local musician, might be a good opening act or could perform during the hired band’s break.


At 8:00 pm, Jack made a motion to adjourn.  It was seconded by Nick  and approved by all.



WITH EXCEPTION …… Next meeting is TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 15, 6 pm at Carole Moore’s home.