BEAA Board Meeting 5-8-2023

Bald Eagle Area Association

Board Meeting Minutes




Date / Time:

5-8-23 6:00 pm


Carole Moore’s  house

Approved   6-12-23




Meg Rapheal (President)


Doug Mulder  (Vice President)


Jack Jungbauer (Treasurer)


Carole Moore (Secretary)


Laura Shepler (Member at Large)


Jenn Anderson (Member at Large


Sue Wade (Member at Large)


Joe Boeser (Member at Large)


Deb Donovan (Member at Large)






Meg made a motion to approve the April Board meeting minutes. It was seconded by Sue and approved by all.  Carole will add them to the website.


Jack Jungbauer - Treasurer’s Report


  • The bank balance as of 4/30/23 is $79,983. Of that, $35,000 is set aside for shoreline restoration work from 2022 and for 2023.
  • The NIRP fund reserve remains at $50,000.
  • $125k invested in short term-higher yield options: $50k in 13-month CD to 12/12/23. $25k in 7-month CD to 11/19/23. $50k in 13-month CD until 5/19/24.
  • Jack has contacted Craig McNulty regarding an insurance rider policy for Music on the Lake.
  • Credit card fees of $9 were paid in April
  • Dinner income:
    • $11,920 was received in dinner registrations. 140 attended, 149 paid
    • $1200 was received for blankets
    • $100 from wine glass sales
    • $8375 from silent auction
    • $322 net from Ten Times Game
    • $1235 from Liquor Raffle
    • $505.50 from Wine Raffle

GROSS PROCEEDS: $23,657.50

  • Carole reported on dues and donations received as of noon 5-8-23:
    • $28,875 was received in dues. 45% of homeowners have paid.
    • YTD $1175 has been received in general donations and $1030 was donated specifically for Music on the lake.




Meg Rapheal – President’s Report

  • Meg opened discussion regarding board members transitions, our struggles with Shopify issues during those transitions and considering a planful way to replace board members. Carole stated that all board members were asked to create a job description for their board responsibilities a couple of years ago. We should continue doing this in the future.  Carole will send Meg the descriptions currently on hand. 
  • Meg reported that she had not received any updates from Patty Hall on the fishing event planned for June.
  • We did receive feedback from our email asking lake homeowners who own businesses if they’d be interested in being listed on the BEAA website. Comments received were in favor, so Meg will draft another letter to explore the issue further.
  • There was discussion about getting business cards and note cards for BEAA board members use. Carole will see if she still has the Vista Print set up from the ones we had made a few years ago.


Doug Mulder - Vice President Report

  • We will not be opening the Graffic Traffic store at this time. Laura is working on getting a commemorative T-shirt designed for Music on the Lake instead.


Annual Dinner Report –Deb and Sue

  • Deb and Sue reported that things went well.
  • One comment received was that we might consider using auction numbers, rather than individuals’ names so no one knows who they’re bidding against. Carole heard one suggestion that it be made more clear that some people need to go to the “certificate” table to receive their gift cards, etc.  
  • See the Treasurer’s report section for dinner income details.


Music on the Lake – Jenn and Laura

  • Joe and Laura need to ensure the contract is reviewed and accurate and gets signed by Meg
  • Jenn and Laura will take pictures of Bart’s property and discuss their stage needs with them.
  • Jenn asked if it would be difficult to change the address for the insurance rider for the event and Jack indicated that it wouldn’t be a problem.
  • Carole mentioned that there might be some wood dock sections available to use for a stage, depending on when her neighbor’s new dock arrives.
  • Laura is working on getting a commemorative T-shirt designed for Music on the Lake. There was discussion related to how/where to sell the t-shirts.  It was discussed that we might need 200 shirts in unisex sizes from XS to 2 XL.  Doug offered to sell the shirts off of his dock.
  • Sue will contact Bart’s neighbors and ensure they’re aware of the event.
  • Doug reported that a 20’ x 20’ stage would rent for $772.
  • Carole reminded the group that the dues drawing winner for a parking spot needs to be notified of how to arrange that access.



Meeting with community dock associations

  • Joe met with the Timber Lake Dock Association  (Hobe Ln). Jenn said there were about 70 people there.  There wasn’t a lot of discussion nor questions from the attendees.


Meg made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 8:10 p.m. Carole seconded and all approved.



Next meeting 6/12/23, 6 pm at Joe Boeser’s house – 5890 Hobe Ln