BEAA Board Meeting 2-13-23

Bald Eagle Area Association

Board Meeting Minutes




Date / Time:

2-13-23 6:00 pm


Carole Moore’s  house

Approved   3-13-23




Meg Rapheal (President)


Doug Mulder  (Vice President) via phone


Jack Jungbauer (Treasurer)


Carole Moore (Secretary)


Laura Shepler (Member at Large)


Jenn Anderson (Member at Large


Sue Wade (Member at Large)


Joe Boeser (Member at Large)


Deb Donovan (Member at Large)






Meg made a motion to approve the January Board meeting minutes. It was seconded by Joe and approved by all.  Carole will add them to the website.


Jack Jungbauer - Treasurer’s Report


  • The bank balance as of 1/31/23 is $122,453. Of that, $35,000 is set aside for shoreline restoration work from 2022 and for 2023, so cash available at month end is $87,453.
    • In January, $5000 was paid out for 2022 shoreline work, $100 dues were paid to MN Lakes and Rivers and credit card fees were $97.
    • The NIRP fund reserve remains at $50,000.
    • Jack reported that he is still working with the IRS to clear up the tax return issue. He stated we may need to pay the $250 fee again.
    • Jack will contact Craig McNulty regarding an insurance rider policy for Music on the Lake.
  • Carole reported on dues and donations received as of noon 2-13-23:
    • $22,725 was received in dues from 151 households, making it 36% of homeowners having paid.
    • $1125 was received in general donations and $830 was donated specifically for Music on the lake.


Meg Rapheal – President’s Report

  • Clarification with Matt Kocien about any remaining Taxing District funds in BEAA coffers. Meg has not yet heard from Matt. Meg will contact him again and follow up until he responds.
  • Lake clean-up is set for March 4. Sue contacted Kevin Lund and he is happy to get a dumpster to the boat launch area. Carole will contact Kevin to determine a time frame. Carole will then notify people through FB, NextDoor and Mail Chimp.
  • Presidents of some of the dock associations and their contact information is listed below. Doug and Meg  will try to meet with the groups individually to determine how BEAA can help them and how BEAA can get those groups more engaged and supportive of the lake. Laura asked Wendy Steiner if she knows the president of the Eagle Shores Dock Association, but she didn’t. 
  • At the January meeting, Meg had proposed a document/letter be sent to various organizations associated with Bald Eagle Lake, such as the Children’s Hospital Guild, Yacht club, etc. to determine their interest in being listed on our website. She received responses from Paul Chapin, the Bald Eagle Lake Women’s Club, the Bald Eagle Lake Children’s Hospital Guild and Mike Bradley encouraged her to include information about the Rice Creek Watershed.  Meg sent a document to Carole to send to the web team for addition to the website.  Carole will send it on to the web team.
  • Discussion continued this month regarding contacting business owners who live on Bald Eagle Lake and asking them if they’d like to be listed on the website. We could add their links, logos, contact information, etc. The board wants to give lake homeowners more information about their neighbors’ businesses and create more community around that information. It was agreed to move forward with notifying association members, with the knowledge that we can still determine some parameters around who will be listed on the website.
    • Board members agreed that we would not allow businesses to run ads or promotions on the website. If we provide links, there should be a “speed bump” involved to notify users that they are leaving the BEAA website.
    • A statement would need to be included saying we are not sponsoring or recommending any of the businesses listed.
    • Carole will send out the following letter via Mail Chimp and Facebook after the dinner invitations have gone out on 2/20.


Bald Eagle Lake Association Members:


As Board members of the Bald Eagle Lake Association (BEAA), we have been brainstorming ideas around two goals; one, getting BEAA members to visit our website more frequently and two, building a stronger lake community. 


We are wondering if a listing of various businesses owned by supporting BEAA members, would be something of interest?   We could add a “Businesses owned by Bald Eagle Lake Supporting Members” page to the BEAA Website, including contact information, links, business logos, etc.  Would you be interested in this option?  We’d appreciate your feedback. We will gather feedback from the various interested businesses and decide on next steps.  Please send any comments or feedback to


Thanks in advance for your thoughts on this.

Meg Rapheal



Joe Boeser – Mission Statement Proposals

  • At the January meeting, discussion ensued regarding updating our mission statement to make it more expansive and include more content related to community building. At that time, Joe volunteered to draft some revisions to our current mission statement. The proposed mission statement is as follows:


The Bald Eagle Area Association is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization.  We are dedicated to building and educating a community of homeowners, partners and ecological experts. All will work collaboratively to enhance the lake’s natural beauty by preserving and protecting its water quality, so that current and future generations can experience and enjoy all that Bald Eagle Lake has to offer.


Carole made a motion to change the mission statement to the one above. Jack seconded the motion and it was approved by all. Carole will ask the web team to replace all existing mission statements on our website with the new one.  Posters or some kind of notices will be available at our annual dinner, showing the new mission statement.  Carole will add the new mission statement to our welcome packets.  Meg will check with Joe regarding updating our by-laws.


  • It was suggested that we more clearly tie our activities to the various components of the new mission statement. Meg will draft a letter that can be sent out and shared at the Annual Dinner.


  • Meg suggested we request homeowners be sure drains around their property are open as the rain begins and the snow melts. Meg will draft something, post it on Instagram and send it to Carole to post on FB and ND. There was some discussion about the Board creating an “open up the drains” day, as we do for lake clean up. Doug suggested the lake board go out and take a section of the lake perimeter, clean drains and publicize this activity to the membership. Meg indicated we should get more people involved in doing it, not just board members.


Doug Mulder - Vice President Report – Doug was not present for the meeting, but called in to participate.

    • Doug had some questions about the timing of the kids fishing contest (no kids left inside) and who would be invited, how to run it, etc. The board suggested the contest be in July or August, after Music on the Lake. Jenn and Laura mentioned that there is a fishing club at White Bear High School.  Doug will contact the WBL activities director to see if the club could provide some volunteers, etc. It was decided to include children connected to the current mailing list. We’ll see what the interest is this first year and decide if we want to expand on the invitations in the future.
    • Doug had not heard back from Justin regarding the schedule for boat inspections this summer and how the BEAA additional funds would be applied to the scheduling. Meg wanted to make sure Justin was aware that zebra mussels had been identified in the lake this fall, to take this into account when creating the schedule. Doug will follow up with Justin until he hears back from him.


Annual Dinner Report –Deb

            Deb brought the invitations to the meeting.  Board members will each stuff the envelopes and get them mailed out on 2/20/23. Deb and Carole will send out dinner reminders bi-weekly. 

It was discovered that the Venmo account on the invitations was an old account.  Carole suggested she print some return address labels with the correct venmo account and that each person stuffing envelopes would add this sticker to re-direct those paying by Venmo to the active account.  Carole will notify board members when the Venmo labels are ready for pick up.  Deb has set up the Mail Chimp invitation to go out on 2/20.  Carole will then post the invitation on FB and ND and Meg will post on Instagram.  Deb noted that the cost is $80/pp this year.  This will help eliminate some of the confusion from last year about what people were paying for – dues or dinner.


Board members will be helping with the following items on the day of the dinner:

  • Deb and Sue are meeting with Dellwood on March 22nd.
  • Bring a bottle of a higher scale liquor and wine to the April meeting (which will be at Deb’s house)
  • Jack will help sell 10X game. Carole will print and label 200 envelopes.
  • Doug will check into new merchandise to sell, possible blankets to use on boats, glassware, candles, etc.
  • Doug will open the Graffic Traffic store in May to have an opportunity to get new gear before July 4th
  • Carole made name tags for new members – and she has a bag of pens and some name tags from the annual dinner.
  • Deb has drink tickets
  • Deb will ask Sue Morrisette and Vicky Baker to work check in
  • CC scanners – Carole will check with Adam and ask if he has more than 2
  • Day of dinner:
    • All available board members are asked to help with set up at 10:00 a.m. (approximately 2 hours)
    • Board members should arrive at 5:00 p.m. to help with any last minute items and greet guests
    • Silent Auction Check-Out
      • Jenn and Joel will stand at Fireside Room door until check out begins to stagger entry
      • Sue and Laura will help guests find and carry items to check-out
      • Check-out – Deb, Meg, Bridget, Cheryl & Carole
      • Doug and Joe will help with guest departure, carry items, troubleshoot valet

Music on the Lake – Jenn and Laura

  • Jenn stated we need to determine a location. It was suggested that Bart Crockett might host it.  Jenn will follow up with Bart.  Joe and Jenn’s properties are also a backup plan. Meg is checking with Anna Murray.
  • Jenn has been communicating with Jimmy Rodriguez. They don’t need payment until the day of the event.
  • Meg stated Bart may donate Jersey Mike’s and the board will provide beverages and water for the band. Jenn should follow up with Bart.
  • The band requested a 16’ x 20’ stage. There will be 9 people performing.  Jenn will follow up with them to see if they really need a stage if the ground is flat. They also need 2 house circuits or a generator.  Doug will check to see if we could rent dock sections to use as a stage.
  • If all works out, Jenn will get them booked and Joe will review the contract.


Laura made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 8:20 p.m.  Jenn seconded and all approved.


Next meeting 3/13/23, 6 pm at Carole’s house.