BEAA Board Meeting Minutes 4-11-22

Bald Eagle Area Association

Board Meeting Minutes




Date / Time:

4-11-22 6:00 pm


Meg Rapheal’s house

Approved   5-18-22




Meg Rapheal (President)


Doug Mulder  (Vice President)


Antonette Alexander (Treasurer)


Carole Moore (Secretary)


Molly Ertle (Member at Large) (remotely)


Jack Jungbauer (Member at Large


Sue Wade (Member at Large)


Nick Guzzo (Member at Large)


Deb Donovan (Member at Large)






The March minutes need revision.  Carole will make the correction and bring them forward for approval at the May meeting.


Antonette Alexander

Treasurer’s Report

  • Payments/Reimbursements:
    • $29 Shopify fee
    • $157.31 dues copies/folding reimbursement for Carole/UPS Store
    • $4801.40 net shopify withholdings from dues payments
  • The bank balance is $82,269.81
  • The NIRP Fund Balance is $50,035 and will auto renew in April. New maturity date will be October 2022. Every 6 months we have a 10 day grace period before it auto renews.
  • Doug brought the payment from Graffic Traffic for the December online store. Gross was $1740 and BEAA gets 15% , $261.
  • Antonette is working on the 2021 tax return filing.


Dues Payments to date by Carole Moore

  • $24,450 has been received in dues payments as of 4-11-21. 165 households paid which is about 39% of lakeshore homeowners or those with deeded access. $1100 in donations was received.
  • In 2021 at year end, we had received $27,550 in dues from 201 households and $2090 in donations.
  • It was determined that if someone did not pay their dues in full at $150, they would not be eligible for the 4/15 drawing prizes. The cut off will be that payments have to be “received” in the mail or have been posted online by 4/15.  The “gear” prize will be a BEAA flag donated by Carole. 
  • On 4/16, she will draw the names and report the winners via Mailchimp, Facebook and Next Door and contact the winners directly, providing them with certificates for the Music on the Lake premium spot, the Annual Dinner and the BEAA gear flag.



Meg Rapheal – President’s Report


  • Discussion was started regarding the annual dinner planning. Deb Donovan and Sue Wade will be the board representatives and will gather a larger committee.  The Silent Auction will be reviewed to make it more streamlined, as well as revising the check-out process so it goes more smoothly.  Deb and Sue were given the list of prior year donors/donations for reference. 


  • Deb and Sue Wade will review the auction donation list from 2021. The goal will be to go with fewer, higher value items, netting more funds.  It was proposed that we ask for donations from BEAA members and institute a “buy now” option for auction items.  It was suggested we ask for specific donations.  An online auction was discussed, but it might be too costly.  Carole will send the bid sheet document to Deb. There was quite a bit of discussion about the location of the buffet, making the buffet line go faster (2 serving lines), having stations separated so people don’t have to stay in the entire line waiting for a piece of meat, etc. There was also discussion about the audio system and moving the check in and check out areas to somewhere with better lighting and access.  Dellwood staff didn’t keep up well with clean dishes and silverware in 2021.  Deb and Sue will create a sub-committee for the event work.


  • Meg reported on plans for the SUP (Stand up Paddleboard) event. It is planned for Wednesday, June 1st.  Alison Drusch, of Lifecore Yoga, is willing to do the communications, sign up, etc.  There will be paddleboard rental options.  Alison will post information on her website.  We can direct people to her through Facebook, NextDoor and Mail Chimp notices. We will charge $20 per person for participation. The event will start at Ramsey County Beach, possibly paddle around the island and go through Molly’s dock area to gather in the Benson Bay Park behind her house. The route will be dependent on the weather and wind.  The time has not yet been determined.  There may be Yoga in the park and also a casual “walk for BEAA” event.  It was proposed that BEAA provide some water and snacks.  Molly has ordered some water bottles to give to participants.  Bridget Cavanagh is also willing to help orchestrate the event.  Meg or Alison will need to get information to Carole to spread the word.



Doug Mulder - Vice President Report


  • Doug is still waiting for information from Justin Townsend re: boat launch inspections. Doug expects that we will need to pay more for boat inspections this year, as implied to him by Justin Townsend.  Justin did send out a large report about boat inspections.  Carole shared it with all board members through Google Drive in March and again after the meeting on 4/11.
  • Doug sat in on some AIS webinars regarding receiving grant funding for weed treatments. Matt Kocien generally applies for these grants, if appropriate for us.  At this time, there are no additional grants available for Bald Eagle Lake.
  • Doug is also waiting for information from WB Township regarding have a booth at Township Days in September. They expected to send out applications in mid-February.
  • Doug will review product choices and add some new items before the next store opening. It was recommended that we open the store in May and close it in early June,  so products can be picked up by the 4th of July weekend.  


Nick Guzzo - Music on the Lake

The concert will be from 2-5 pm.  There was discussion about Brandon Bonin, who had been mentioned as a possible opening act or at intermission.  It was determined that we should still try to get donations during the Music on the Lake event.   Molly has the yard signs ready and will bring them to the next board meeting.  Nick reported that Beth Artner, Tracy Crockett’s neighbor, would be willing to help make arrangements with the Township to block off Bald Eagle Blvd E around the concert to allow more walk-up attendees.  The board approved Nick to move ahead with Beth on that issue.  Food trucks were discussed as a possibility as long as there was no minimum requirement for sales. Deb Donovan will check with Brad Ribar regarding him possibly bring his truck with cheese curds, hots dogs, pronto pups, etc.  .   Carole will check with Adam regarding the Food Truck he had at his Swell Wakesurf competition during Manitou Days 2019.


Carole will post reminders for the event on Facebook, Next Door and send out a mass email as more details get firmed up.


 Carole –

Results from Volunteer Request Letter

  • On 4/23 Carole is meeting with Melissa Telsrow and Kelly Moore to get started on website updates via the Shopify platform. Deb Donovan will help with the project, but may not be able to attend that day.
  • Doug will contact those interested in helping with AIS and get things started with that committee or determine volunteer’s area of interest.  Carole will send the volunteers’ contact information to Doug.
  • Deb or Meg will contact Bridget Cavanagh to help with the dinner/Music on the Lake, etc.

Adopt-a- Drain

  • Carole inquired about the BEAA role in promoting the Adopt-A-Drain program. It has been written up recently again in the WB Press.  We have promoted it in the past and had an article printed in the WB Press to encourage Bald Eagle lake residents to get involved.  The Board agreed that it would be a good thing to promote again.  Carole will get information out through all 3 channels, Mail Chimp, Facebook and Next Door.  Carole will draft something up and send to the Board for approval.



At 8:20, Doug made a motion to adjourn, it was seconded by Jack and approved by all.



Next meeting date has been changed to Wednesday, May 18th  6 pm- place. TBD