BEAA Board Meeting Minutes 4-14-2021


Bald Eagle Area Association

Board Meeting Minutes




Date / Time:

4-14-2021 at 6:00 pm CST


Boatworks Commons

Approved 5-12-21




Bart Crockett (President)


Doug Mulder  (Member at Large)


Antonette Alexander (Treasurer)


Meg Rapheal  (Member at Large)


Carole Moore (Secretary)


Jack Jungbauer (Member at Large


Molly Ertle (Member at Large)


Nick Guzzo (Member at Large)


 Mike Doran (Member at Large)







Doug made a motion to  approve the minutes from March 2021. The motion was seconded by Antonette and approved by all.  Carole will put the minutes on the website.


It was decided to set the date for the 2021 Annual Meeting for Wednesday, October 13, 2021, 7 pm, at the Boatworks Commons.  Mike will make the necessary reservation.


Antonette Alexander

Treasurer’s Report :

  • Antonette reported that the operating budget balance is $56,938. Shopify deposits in March totaled $4568.  Most of that income was from dues.  $75 was paid to Jim Ascheman for an AIS training seminar.
  • Antonette will check with Adam Moore to get the BEAA credit card billed for the monthly Shopify hosting fees.
  • Carole reported that 2021 dues collected through 4/13/21 totaled $22025, from 160 homeowners. $385 was collected in donations.  In 2020, total dues collected was $22940 from 175 homes with a total of $2075 donations. We have 479 “parcels” listed in our database.  Some homeowners have more than one parcel, so total number of lakeshore homeowners can be estimated to be around 460.
  • All board members were reminded to pay their dues if they hadn’t already done so.
  • Bart suggested we stop sending out dues payment reminders for now. We will address this again at the May meeting.


Bart Crockett

President Report:

  • Bart stated he had not yet received the boat launch inspection schedule from Justin Townsend.
  • Bart sent an e-mail letter to Katharine Harris regarding a possible gift donation for 2021, but she declined. She is getting ready to move.
  • The 2021 dues request letter, email and posting on Facebook and Next Door have been done.
  • Bart stated he had contacted some more people about taking over website maintenance, but had no success. Carole will post on our FB and ND pages that we are a non-profit looking for a volunteer website manager. Time required may be 2 hours/month once things are set up and enhanced.
  • Mike Bradley reported to the board that we will not need to fund curly leaf pondweed treatment this year as there were some remaining funds available from the special taxing district. We will need to budget and pay for curly leaf treatments in 2022.  Antonette will add this line item to the proposed budget for next year.


Committee Reports:

            Annual Dinner – Meg


  • Antonette will send the bid sheet document to Carole so she can arrange printing through UPS.
  • Mike reviewed the 2020 auction item list with the board. Board members volunteered to take on some specific businesses or individuals to request donations.  Mike will update the list and those that are unassigned will be divided amongst Molly, Nick and Mike.
  • Mike suggested that if a board member has asked for a donation from a business, that person should also pick up the item and get it to Meg for the auction.
  • The Donovans, Randy Lee and Katherine Harris will be mentioned at the dinner and thanked for their contributions of time and/or financial assistance.
  • The leftover over mugs, insulated glasses and glass wine glasses will be sold at the dinner. Carole is storing them and fulfilling any orders that trickle in. As of the meeting, there are 11 mugs, 12 wine glasses and 52 insulated wine glasses available.
  • Carole will be sure the items noted on the agenda from the 2019 dinner are all included on the updated task spreadsheet for 2021.
  • Items collected for the 2020 dinner, which was cancelled due to Covid, were turned over to Meg for the 2021 dinner.
  • Molly will contact businesses regarding expired, donated gift certificates.
  • Doug stated that once our logo is finalized, he will have cornhole games made and will donate them to the silent auction.


Gear Committee – Doug and Nick


Doug presented revision #18 for the BEAA logo. Discussion ensued regarding the design.  It was suggested “Minnesota” be reduced in size and that possibly the gold tone curved lines be removed.  There was discussion about making it one color as well. Doug will re-visit the design with the graphic artist.  The board determined that we would offer 4 items on the Graphic Traffic website -  a flag, a hat, a hooded cover up shirt and a T-shirt. 


Music on the Lake Committee –Nick


There was discussion regarding the pros and cons of getting corporate sponsorship for the event.  Carole will ask Adam if  he knows whether businesses could set up a Venmo account, so we could easily accept donations the day of the concert. Doug suggested we have tote bags made up with our new logo and hand them out to anyone who donates.  The board agreed that the goal would be to find corporate sponsors for the event, rather than requesting donations from BEAA members at this time.


Nick shared information he learned about through Lake Carnelian’s lake association board member.  They use corporate sponsors to pay for their band and get high end performers.  It was suggested that maybe individual donors at a certain level would receive a BEAA t-shirt or window decal, etc.


Geese Mitigation –Mike


Mike reported that he has submitted the 3rd revision to the DNR application and that some of the requirements to receive permission involve cleaning up goose droppings at the park, sponsoring education events, etc. 


Follow up from prior meetings:

  • If someone wants to post a notice on the BEAA Facebook page, they will be requested to make a $50 donation. Carole will notify Beth LaBreche of this policy. She had requested approval to post her yoga class information on our Facebook page. The board noted that this policy may change in the future, as we haven’t developed our master plan yet and are waiting for a more robust website to define advertising policies. 
  • Mike has prepared and finalized a list of past and present board members. Carole will try to get it posted on the website.
  • The idea of turning in lead fishing gear for replacements has been tabled to the May meeting.
  • Carole reported that we have our first 2021 approved shoreline grant application, Brad Mason. He’s on the corner of Bald Eagle Blvd E and Taylor St.  Tracey Jansen was grandfathered in from 2020.
  • Carole will contact Lauren Sampedro from RCWD regarding the status of any new applications for 2021.


At 8:15 pm Bart made a motion  to adjourn, it was seconded and approved by all.  

Next meeting date 5-12-21.  6 pm at Carole Moore’s house.