August 2020 Board Meeting Minutes


Bald Eagle Area Association

Board Meeting Minutes




Date / Time:

8-4-2020 at 6:30 pm CST


Carole Moore’s Residence

Minutes Approved 9-15-2020





Bart Crockett (President)


Jim Ascheman (Member at Large)


Mike Doran (Treasurer)


Adam Moore (Member at Large)


Carole Moore (Secretary)


Jack Jungbauer (Member at Large


Molly Ertle (Member at Large)


Nick Guzzo (Member at Large)




Antonette Alexander (Member at Large)


Bart called the meeting to order at 6:42 pm. Mike made a motion to approve the minutes from 7-14-20. Nick seconded the motion and it was approved by all.  Carole will send the minutes to Adam to put on the website.


Mike Doran

Treasurer’s Report :

  • Mike reported that the bank balance for the operating budget is now $101,602.
    • Glassware purchases were $1295
  • Carole reported that dues paid as of 8-4-20 were $20,175 plus donations of $2000. As of 8-5, 149 households paid dues out of around 400 “taxed” households.
  • Carole reported on products sales, as well. As of 8-5, we had sales totaling $3930 from 78 online orders.  This includes the $70  collected for delivery fees. The cost of the wine glass is $8.80 and the tumbler is $10.95.  Shipping and tax are additional.  We have purchased 144 of each type of glass, wine and tumblers.  We have less than 24 tumblers left.  24 wine glasses are expected to arrive 8/5/20 and of those, 15 are already sold. The sales total does not include cash sales of around $125.
  • Mike reported that he’s applied for a sales tax exemption for BEAA, but that it would be unlikely as you need to be a charitable or educational organization and we may not meet the parameters of an educational organization.
  • Adam will add information to the website footer area “reminding” all that we are a non-profit, 501C3 organization.
  • At our next meeting, we will open discussion about creating separate accounts for operations versus funds for an emergency response to AIS.
  • BEAA matching grants for shoreline work was discussed. Carole will send Mike the list from Brian Olson, RCCD, to follow up with people. Jack offered to talk to Doug Mulder to clarify his intent so the grant process can move forward. BEAA grant issues will be discussed further at the December meeting.
  • Mike contacted a vendor for geese control regarding pricing, etc. It’s $2000 to trap and remove them plus a DNR permit. Each gosling is $15 a piece and each adult is $25 a piece so about $1000 for 50 geese after the $2000 flat fee and permit.  This will be put on an agenda for next year as a water quality issue.


Molly and Nick

Music on the Water:

  • Bart will ask Justin Townsend if we can have boat launch inspectors there for the event 8/8– maybe 3-7 pm?
  • We will ask the band to promote the products and direct buyers to our website. All board members should use their logo glassware at the event.
  • We will ask the band to encourage donations, as well. Some may be collected day of, but anyone can go online and donate.
  • Set up:
    • Bart, Nick, Mike and Adam will build the stage on Thursday 8/6, from wood donated by Bart/Jersey Mikes and pallets acquired by Nick. Mike will arrive around 3 and others at 5.
    • Saturday Adam will rope off the dock areas.
    • Carole will bring a filled cooler with Bud light, water and snack packs for the band at 3 pm on Saturday.
    • Nick will check with his daughter about collecting donations at the event
    • The band will start setting up at 3 pm, Saturday 8/8.
    • Bart will try to get some signage for Jersey Mike’s sponsorship
    • The Minnesotan store donated $200 to the event and they’ll have some signage, too.
    • Mike will provide a “basket” for donation collection



  • Jack reported on carp/night fishing and stated “surface water regulation” is a DNR responsibility, not that of the lake associations. The Ramsey County Sheriff could create a resolution, but it may not be enforced.  This will be discussed again at a spring board meeting.
  • Jack reported on our insurance policies and we have everything appropriate in place per Craig McNulty, our broker.
  • Adam’s BEAA job description and website maintenance instructions are due (it’s been started).
  • Adam will contact Dave Baumler, a West Oaks resident and U of MN Professor, to see if he has access to grant information .
  • Antonette was going to check with her contact about identifying available grants, etc.
  • Mike reported that the boat launch boat cleaning systems are not a good option. He discussed the issue with Turtle Lake’s Association board member. If decontamination is not required and regulated, it doesn’t make sense to invest in the equipment.   Justin Townsend built and installed a small sprayer at our boat launch.
  • Adam and Nick will work on a marketing/merchandising plan to possibly coordinate through the Minnesotan store.


New Business:

  • Bart made a motion to hold the annual board meeting on October 21st starting at 6 pm. Adam seconded the motion and it was approved. It will be a virtual event.
  • It was determined that this meeting will be kept quite simple. Adam will try to stream it online.  
  • It was suggested we could record it and email it to homeowners.




Motion to adjourn made by Mike,  seconded by Bart, all approved. Meeting was adjourned at 8:30  pm


Next meeting date 9-15-20 at Carole Moore’s house, 6:00 PM.