BEAA Board Meeting Minutes 6-9-21


Bald Eagle Area Association

Board Meeting Minutes




Date / Time:

6-9-2021 at 6:00 pm CST


Carole Moore’s house

Approved   7-15-21




Bart Crockett (President)


Doug Mulder  (Member at Large)


Antonette Alexander (Treasurer)


Meg Rapheal  (Member at Large)


Carole Moore (Secretary)


Jack Jungbauer (Member at Large


Molly Ertle (Member at Large)


Nick Guzzo (Member at Large)


 Mike Doran (Member at Large)





Doug made a motion to  approve the minutes from May 2021. The motion was seconded by Bart and approved by all.  Carole will put the minutes on the website.


Antonette Alexander

Treasurer’s Report :

  • Antonette reported that the operating budget balance is $75,815 as of 5-31-21.
  • Carole reported that 2021 dues collected through 6/8/21 totaled $26,200 from 191 homeowners. $685 was collected in donations.  In 2020, total dues collected was $23050 from 175 homes with a total of $2075 donations. We have 479 “parcels” listed in our database.  Some homeowners have more than one parcel, so total number of lakeshore homeowners can be estimated to be around 450. So about 43% of homeowners paid dues.
  • All board members have paid their dues.
  • Antonette will review our planned budget, status and goals and report at the July meeting.


Bart Crockett

President Report:

  • There was some discussion about trying to identify new homeowners and somehow introduce them at the annual dinner. Carole will check with Adam to see if he can pull real estate deals on Bald Eagle since April 2019.  Carole could create special name tags maybe stating “new member” or something and the board is advised to make an effort to meet/greet new faces at the dinner. (Adam got the list to Carole 6-14, she will find homeowner names and send out to Board… Maybe Jody McCormack and someone else to recruit?)
  • Bart reported that Matt Kocien will be doing another full survey to determine if we need more Curly Leaf Pondweed treatments or Eurasian Milfoil treatments.


Committee Reports:

            Annual Dinner – Meg


  • The dinner invitations will be set up to try to hit mailboxes after July 1st. The printer can’t control the mail, so it’s an estimate.  The invitations will get to the post office on June 28th.  Carole will post a dinner “SAVE the DATE “ on Facebook and Next Door on 6-10-21. (done)
  • Carole was asked to bring the leftover mugs, wine glasses and insulated glasses to Meg’s for the 7-14 meeting.
  • Meg will start collecting donated items on July 14th.
  • Carole will get an Ingredients Gift Card for Kathy Fleming as an acknowledgement and thank you for her work with Zebra trackers. Bart will present it at the dinner.


Gear Committee – Doug and Nick

  • The store opened 6/6 and will stay open until 6/20. Carole will post on FB, ND and email every other day until it closes, with a reminder the day before and a reminder the day it shuts down.  Nick will do the same on Instagram.  After the 1st day of sales, the store sold $2000 worth of product.
  • Carole will contact Darcy at Graphic Traffic to try to get a version of our new logos that she can use and re-size and still maintain quality resolution.


Music on the Lake Committee –Nick

  • Nick has $600 in sponsors and is working on more.
  • Nathan Landucci is letting us use his barge for the stage. We just need to cover insurance, determine power for the band and anchor/secure the barge to the end of Tracy Crockett’s dock.
  • Nick and Jack are checking on the necessary insurance coverage.
  • The board members will try to find young people to go out in a boat and collect donations. Venmo is an option we can use. Meg will set it up with Antonette.
  • Molly will be sure to get all sponsors on a banner.


Sponsors so far:

  • The Minnesotan $300
  • Twin City Docks $300
  • Jersey Mike’s (Bart donating sandwiches for the band)


Geese Mitigation –Mike

  • Mike reported that the geese will be captured in June or July. There is likely to be no one to process geese for donation to the Food Shelf. 
  • Goal is to harvest 120 geese. They do it in one day, early in the day within the next 2 weeks.
  • Board members showed interest in watching the process in action. Mike will keep us informed.
  • Mike will direct Carole where to find information to add to the website about geese mitigation ideas. Carole said she’d probably have it appear under “blog” or “news”, so not front page. She is hopeful she can make it work.
  • Mike reported that 25% of loons are dying from lead poisoning.


Mike proposed the following text if/when the geese are harvested.


  • “Because of many factors, including the banning of waterfowl hunting on Bald Eagle Lake, the goose population is at the highest it's been for many years on the lake.  Bald Eagle Area Association (BEAA) has been working with the DNR on a goose plan for the lake and surrounding areas and it includes prevention methods for homeowners, goose deterrents, and possible humane harvesting of geese depending on summer surveys of the number of geese on the lake.  If harvesting takes place, geese will be processed and made available to local residents through the White Bear Food Shelf.

If you would like to see a copy of our goose plan, it is posted on  our website

If you have any questions, please reach out to BEAA or a board member”





  • Website maintenance. Mike was going to check in May, with people he knows to see if they could help out on improving it or provide some guidance and how best to get things posted and updated when we want.
  • Mike Doran will contact Mike Bradley with RCWD to inquire about what would happen if we didn’t have the funds available to cover a proposed weed treatment. Would RCWD re-start the taxing district and if so, how long does that take to re-establish?
  • Carole reported that raingarden grant applicants include Tracey Jansen (grandfathered in from 2020), Brad Mason, Kevin Tholen and Mike Kesti. The $15,000 funds have been allocated.  Allison Drusch is applying through RCWD, but no BEAA grants will be available. RCWD did send Carole a listing of the grantees “total project costs” and the RCWD grants for use by Antonette in auditing the BEAA grant payments .
  • It was suggested that RCWD put signage at the installations to bring awareness to the RCWD grants. Carole will suggest it to Lauren Sampredo of RCWD and Brian Olsen of RCCD. (done via email 6-14-21- copied Mike Bradley and Raj Alexander)
  • Mike asked Steve McComas and DNR about speaking at our annual meeting in October. Results?
  • Jack will review the insurance policy received by Bart and report back next month.



At 8:10 pm Mike made a motion  to adjourn, Doug seconded and it was approved by all.  


Next meeting date 7-14-21.  6 pm at Meg’s house.  Bring all donated items for the silent auction that night.