11-12-20 BEAA Board Meeting Minutes


Bald Eagle Area Association

Annual Board Meeting Minutes




Date / Time:

11-12-2020 at 6:00 pm CST


Via Zoom (Covid-19)

Minutes Approved 12-9-2020





Bart Crockett (President)


Doug Mulder  (Member at Large)


Mike Doran (Treasurer)


Meg Rapheal  (Member at Large)


Carole Moore (Secretary)


Jack Jungbauer (Member at Large


Molly Ertle (Member at Large)


Nick Guzzo (Member at Large)




Antonette Alexander (Member at Large)


Bart called the meeting to order at 6:15 pm. Mike made a motion to approve the minutes from 10-21-20. Nick seconded the motion and it was approved by all.  Carole will send the minutes to Adam (or his successor) to put on the website.


Mike Doran

Treasurer’s Report :

  • Mike reported that the operating budget balance is $52,231, the NIRP fund is $50,000 and the Harris grant fund is $20,100, for a total of $122,231. We acquired $300 in membership dues and an additional $140 in glassware purchases.  The last glassware invoice has been paid and the membership in MN Lakes and Rivers was renewed at $100.
  • Mike reported that he received a notice from the IRS regarding last year’s tax returns. He will fix and re-file the returns. 
  • Mike reported on Matt Kocien’s estimate of curlyleaf pondweed treatment for 2021. This will be addressed again at our January meeting.  Estimate for 2021 was $2000-$15,000.   This will need to be part of the 2021 budget.
  • Per our by-laws, Mike stated all board members need to review the section on “Conflict of Interest” and sign off that they have received and read it. Please send an email to Carole confirming your participation in this sign off process. She’ll scan them in as part of our legal records.
  • We also need to do an annual review of our policies and procedures as they related to our 501c3 status. Mike suggested that be passed off to the new treasurer, Antonette Alexander. 
  • There were several questions about how to read/understand some sections of the by-laws. Mike and Jack will review and discuss with association member and attorney, Mike Fleming. If needed, they will contact the attorneys who revised our by-laws. Clarification is needed regarding annual meeting quorums and 501c3 status as it may relate to our matching grant programs for shoreline restoration work coordinated through RCCD (Ramsey County Conservation District) and RCWD (Rice Creek Watershed District).
    • VOTES ON 2021 BEAA BOARD MEMBERS are shown below. Board members present who voted in favor are  Bart, Mike, Carole, Antonette, Nick,  Jack and Molly.  Email votes were received from the following members:   Jim Ascheman, Stacey Bresina, Diane/Bob Oebser, Chris/Dawn Hiniker, Mike/Kathy Bradley. Board Members Elect Doug Mulder and Meg Rapheal voted in person at the meeting.  TOTAL VOTES = 15. 
  • Carole asked Bart to see if he had the final by-laws and related paperwork with full signatures so they can be scanned into our legal records. The “Action by the Board of Directors by Written Consent” document she has, has dates missing on the first page.  The By-Laws are missing Nick Guzzo’s signature.
  • A motion was made by Jack as follows: Whereas Mike has not finished his second three-year term on the board, and the annual meeting date has changed from May to October, the board is interpreting his term to finish at the next annual meeting in October of 2021.  The motion was seconded by Carole and approved by all.
  • Mike contacted Matt Kocien about possible grants from MN Lakes and Rivers, but per Matt, there are no appropriate grants for BEAA this year. Matt did report that RCWD will be repairing/replacing the carp gate on Hugo Road.
  • We need to update the Shopify monthly payment process. Carole made a motion to authorize Antonette to get a credit card from the BEAA bank to use for monthly Shopify charges or other expenses, as needed.  The motion was seconded by Mike and approved by all.


Follow up from prior meetings:

  • Bart stated he will complete and file the application to the DNR for geese mitigation and then Gordy Nelson will take the necessary steps to make it happen.
  • Beavers have been creating havoc on Hobe Point and around to the north, as well as on the NE side of the lake. Mike talked to trappers and was told they can’t trap without approval from the City Government and from the Game Warden. Trapping is best before the ice is in.  Beavers bury saplings in their lodges to use for food all winter.  Beaver cubs are kicked out after 1 year and then are on their own to build their own lodges.  Trapping would cost $500 for a set-up fee and $150 per beaver.  On Christmas Lake, they trapped more than 200 beavers one year.  Trapping doesn’t prevent the problem from recurring. Stan Bakke on Hobe Ct wrapped 80 trees in hardware cloth.  He doesn’t want trapping done.  Andy Townshend on East Hobe Ct, would like them trapped.  Mike Bradley, also on East Hobe Court, is ambivalent.  Mike recommended that at this time we leave it up to individual homeowners.  They can arrange for trapping on their own property.
  • Jack stated he’s willing to learn how to manage the website. He’d start out by maintaining it on the platform we have, and possibly move to a different one over time.   Adam Moore, former board member, stated he’d help coach whomever takes it on. Carole will ask Adam to get Antonette on Shopify payment emails, as she’s now the Treasurer.
  • Mike prepared a list of previous board members. He will update it as needed.  This listing of previous board members, who served at least one term, will be put on the website.
  • BEAA Products have been chosen by the BEAA Gear sub-committee. Ceramic coffee mugs in dark blue and glass stemless wine glasses will be imprinted and sold before the holidays.  Wine glasses will have a frosted BEAA logo and the mugs will have a white logo.  Wine glasses will sell for 4/$20 – no individual sales or smaller packages will be offered.  Mugs will sell for $10/each.  50 cups and 100 glasses will be ordered for a total of $417.  Nick reported that he was able to negotiate a deal on the insulated wine glass order which we received in error. We have close to 60 insulated wine glasses still for sale.  Carole asked that Nick and Molly use their marketing expertise to help draft up the email blast and postings for Facebook and NextDoor, as marketing is not her expertise.   In addition to the new items, Carole asked that they include the insulated wine glass marketing piece, as well. 
    • Carole will use their information to get the information out to members.
    • Doug reported that he’s working with a vendor he knows to create other BEAA products, such as flags. Discussion included modifying the BEAA logo to give it more “punch” and a stronger “branding” for Bald Eagle Lake.  Thanks to Antonette for creating the design currently in use and getting some great products for the silent auctions in the past.
    • Meg asked if we were going to get decals for car windows. Carole and Antonette stated this had been suggested by Adam Moore in the past, and that the board thought we’d send them out to members when they paid their annual dues. It was not discussed if we will move forward with this, or not. This should be taken up by the BEAA Gear sub-committee.



Bart Crockett

President Report:

  • Jim Ascheman has agreed to stay on as our AIS specialist. Carole will confirm that he does get the mailings from the U of MN and MN Rivers and Lakes regarding seminars/webinars/trainings.



At 7:45 pm Mike made a motion  to adjourn, it was seconded by Molly  and approved by all.  


Next meeting date 12-9-20.  6 pm Zoom meeting. Nick has already sent out the meeting invitation.